Invisalign with Clear Braces Direct London

With over 5400 successful cases and counting, we at Clear Braces Direct London have the numbers to prove that Invisalign can absolutely work for you. Whether you are wanting to close gaps, fix overcrowding, reposition teeth or even fix malocclusion, there is a treatment plan that fits into your lifestyle so seamlessly that the only change you will notice is the stunning results at the end. With a free first consultation and scan, as well as payment plan options, there is no reason to hold back on getting this treatment to fix your teeth and get the smile you deserve. Genetics aren’t always kind to us but now there is actually something you can do about it.


The need for orthodontics

The reason behind why you may need to undergo orthodontic treatment could be down to one of a few different things:

Malocclusions – this is when your bite doesn’t quite line up; you may have a crossbite, overbite or underbite which means there is uneven pressure on different points in your tooth arches. This can lead to some serious jaw issues if not properly addressed. Malocclusions can be genetic disorders but they can also stem from bad habits in early childhood like thumbsucking or even serious injuries you may have sustained at some point in your life.

Injury – crooked teeth can be the result of serious facial trauma, maybe you were enjoying some extreme sports and fell on your face which resulted in pushing a tooth out of place but not quite knocking it, no matter the circumstances, a hard enough knock could jar your teeth out of their proper position.

Genetics – as unavoidable as the nose on your face, our tooth genetics can be defined by our parents, often those with gaps or overcrowding can see the same issues in their biological make-up, either way, it can be fixed at Clear Braces Direct London.

Traditional braces vs. Clear aligners

Traditional braces are fast becoming a thing of the past, preferred by young teens who still have a lot of growing to do and not adults with busy professional lives. While traditional metal braces pull the teeth into position over the course for 2 years, Invisalign at Clear Braces Direct London gently pushes them into place in 4-6 months giving you a natural and beautiful smile quickly without the unsightly metal on your teeth. It is believed that clear aligners are far more comfortable than traditional braces, almost completely removing the discomfort that comes with antiquated orthodontic treatments and because these appliances are removable for short periods of time, you can eat all the foods you normally would as well as taking part in any leisure and sporting activities without concern of personal oral injury or damage to the appliance.

The initial scan of your teeth, which will be used to calculate how your teeth are expected to shift with treatment, is pain and hassle-free and it is used to create your custom 3D printed aligners which you will use over the course of your treatment.