Thanks to modern day technology, it has never been easier to get the smile that you have always wanted

Here at Clear Braces Direct based in London, we pride ourselves in being a leading clear braces provider. With over 4,000 smiles improved, there is nothing standing in your way of the smile that you have always pined for. When your friends and family can have such perfectly aligned teeth, why shouldn’t you?


How do we work?

Are you the type of person that is forever pressed for time, never has a spare minute or doesn’t know how to fit in the task of improving your smile? Allow us, the warm, welcoming professionals at Clear Braces Direct, to assist you as we have done with countless other people chasing after that perfect smile. Fixing your smile at home has never been easier with the Clear Braces Direct Invisalign invisible braces. Following the free online suitability test and the 3D scan of your mouth, you will be sent the moulds in the post. Each set of braces are carefully designed specifically for you, and will guide your teeth gently into the straighter alignment that they should be in. Following this, straightening your teeth is as simple as wearing the braces, until you receive your retainer which will make your teeth stay in line for good.

Isn’t fixing my teeth going to be expensive?

For those who are also on a budget, we have your back. You needn’t worry about nasty surprises attacking your bank account – we have carefully designed different ways for you to pay for your treatment, making movie star smiles easily accessible and within the reach of everybody. You have two options, either payment in full straight away, allowing you to forget the money side of things and focus fully on the development of your smile, or the Clear Braces Direct payment plan. With this, the payments are spread out over a reasonable time period of 72 months, meaning the smile you dream about can be accessible to you no matter what your current circumstances are.

I don’t have time to go to the dentist

Sound like something you often say to yourself? Going to the dentist is sometimes a very time consuming thing, when including the transportation required to get there and back. However, we pride ourselves in giving our patients the opportunity to feel better about their smile from the comfort of their own living room. Don’t have time to drive in and see us in person due to work or other commitments in the way? No worries. Taking the online suitability test has saved many people, just like yourself, the effort and money of travelling to an appointment, and saves the hassle of fitting the dentist into your already crammed lifestyle. Just send us a selfie from the comfort of your own living room and we will get back to you on whether you are eligible for the clear braces or not. Getting the teeth that you dream of has never been easier, and is only a click away!

It has never been easier to get straight teeth than it is today!

Worried that you don’t have the time to fit fixing your teeth into your busy, hectic lifestyle? Thanks to us here at Clear Braces Direct, it has never been more simple to get the smile that you truly deserve. With the guarantee of straighter teeth in just 6 months time, when some braces can take up to 3 years, what could possibly go wrong?

Clear Braces Direct in London

Who are we?

Here at Clear Braces Direct, the only braces we use are Invisalign. Being a leading clear aligner brand, we pride ourselves in trying to please people just like you, getting them to love their smile like everybody should. Unlike other aligners, these are machine made, allowing them to contour to your gums even more securely, making them more comfortable and effective. And for those forgetful people – we offer a reasonable replacement scheme for  braces. Having improved over 4,000 smiles, what is stopping you from letting us help you today? Modern day technology has allowed us to help people just like yourself, through the latest scanning techniques, our ability to perform 3D modelling, and our extremely successful dental monitoring apps.

I don’t have the time to fix my smile

We pride ourselves in being able to fix your smile from home, meaning the journey of straightening teeth can seamlessly fit into day to day routine. With a 3 step easy guide, allow us to give you the smile you desire. First after booking your scan online, come to one of our scan centres where our friendly team of welcoming, warm professionals will create a personalised treatment plan just for you. Step 2 is even easier. Clear Braces Direct will send you a customised set of Invisalign invisible braces in the post, with an easy to follow guide of when to wear each set of braces and for how long. When you are satisfied with your smile, it is time for it to permanently become yours, thanks to the customised retainer we will provide you with at the end of your treatment journey.

The price of going to the dentist worries me

Here at Clear Braces Direct, we offer 2 different ways for you to pay for your braces. After the initial scan booking fee payment, you can choose which method of payment is best suited to your budget, making sure no nasty surprises hit your bank account. You can do the Clear Braces Direct upfront payment, allowing you to get the money side of things out of the way, allowing you to fully focus on your new and improved smile. Alternatively we also have many other finance options available to those wishing to spread the overall cost over more manageable time periods. Your bank balance no longer has the power to stand in the way of that movie star smile!

What oral issues can Clear Braces Direct in London fix or not fix?

Clear Braces Direct in London, such as the Invisalign system, continues to change the way patients receive orthodontic treatment. Clear Braces Direct in London has become a critical partner in helping countless patients achieve smiles they love to show off. One of the most asked questions we hear at our dental practice is: ‘What types of tooth imperfections can Invisalign help with? While there are a varied range of orthodontic conditions that can be quite successfully treated with these plastic removable aligner-like trays, the suitability of Invisalign tends to favour relatively less complex and less severe conditions.

Clear Braces Direct in London

Five oral situations where removable braces aren’t effective

For patients who require major orthodontic treatment, traditional dental devices remain the best option. This is because the nearly invisible aligners are not able to shift teeth in quite the same way as metal-based dental devices. The limitations of this game-changing, orthodontic device encompass treatment or situations such as:

1.    Tooth shape

The aligner trays cannot work with teeth that are short, round or those with prominent tips. Irregular teeth shapes present a challenge with the trays not being able to sit properly on the teeth.

2.    Degree of rotation

In the case of overcrowding, the position or rotation of teeth is another influential factor that may prevent Invisalign braces from doing their job properly.

3.    Size of gaps between teeth

Clear Braces Direct in London offer such treatments as Invisalign, as they can be of enormous benefit to closing spaces between teeth that are up to 6mm on each arch.

4.    Limited movement to posterior and anterior teeth

Removable braces are only able to achieve a limited degree of movement. Movement to the anterior teeth is slightly better than shifting teeth placed at the back.

5.    Prior dental work

Patients who have had dental treatments carried out, such as veneers or crowns, may find it a challenge for Invisalign trays to attach properly to their teeth.

Orthodontic issues most suitable for clear removable braces

Clear Braces Direct in London can provide desirable results for situations that involve:

  • An overcrowded mouth
  • Closing gaps or fixing spacing issues
  • Various malocclusion conditions such as: overbite, underbite, open bite and crossbite

Successful treatment is dependent on one extremely important factor – the patient wearing the removable orthodontic device as directed by the dental practitioner. Many patients opt for plastic removable braces for the ease of use, but there is a risk of being negligent and not putting them back in after taking them off for eating, or performing their oral hygiene routine. The longer the dental device is not attached to the teeth, the more ineffective the orthodontic treatment becomes. To ensure the achieved outcome is enjoyed over a long period of time, proper oral hygiene habits are a non-negotiable factor. Failure to brush, floss, use a recommended mouthwash and keep dental appointments, put all the hard work achieved and time taken by the treatment method in jeopardy.

Do you have minor crooked teeth problems you would like to fix? Give us a call at Clear Braces Direct in London to find out how we can help you achieve an irresistible smile.

Are there any orthodontic goals to consider when deciding on clear braces?

One of the first critical steps to ensure that your orthodontic treatment is a success, is to identify and define your goals. What oral health factors should your treatment plan attempt to improve or augment? Cosmetic factors may be the first thought that enters a patient’s mind, but this is not all when it comes to correcting teeth issues.

Clear Braces Direct in London

Whereas in the past, adult patients may have had reservations about using visible dental devices to improve smile aesthetics, this is no longer the case for many. Patients can now take charge of their orthodontic treatment with available Clear Braces Direct in London. One of the most sought after dental device today continues to be Invisalign aligners. It is not just the fact that these aligner trays, made from thermoplastic, are easily removable, in order to improve functions such as oral hygiene or eating. In addition to this, patients find that the trays sit more comfortably on their teeth, when compared to fixed metal devices, and that they do not require numerous visits to the dental clinic, in order for them to be adjusted, as their treatment progresses.

Three types of common orthodontic goals to consider

1.    A cleaner and healthier mouth

Not many patients know that by straightening their teeth with an orthodontic device, such as Clear Braces Direct in London it can play a significant role in keeping their mouths healthy. Straighter teeth not only perfect a smile, but are easier to clean, there is no uneven wear on teeth or jaw and the risk of teeth damage is reduced – unlike in the case where overcrowding or misaligned bites is present. Strong healthy teeth are more resistant to cavity-causing tooth decay. Healthier gums decrease the likelihood of gum disease from occurring, that leads to advanced periodontitis and eventual tooth loss. Without a full set of teeth, all kinds of problems can arise, from poor jawbone integrity to nutritional deficiencies – some food types may be difficult to eat.

2.    Improving the appearance of the smile

Fixing a smile holds more weight than just considering cosmetic value. A lot of stress is placed on the smile to deliver confidence and improved self-esteem – factors that have far reaching implications on a patient’s professional and personal lives. Clear Braces Direct in London can help to improve dental aesthetics.

3.    Maintain structural integrity of mouth and functions

A functional harmony needs to exist among the following interrelated masticatory parts including: lower and upper teeth, posterior and anterior teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. Structural integrity is important to teeth stability. Without this critical factor, symptoms such as hypermobility and excessive wear of teeth are more likely to occur.

In order to achieve your orthodontic goals and see optimal results it is vital that you find a dental practice that is aligned with your goals. At Clear Braces Direct in London, our philosophy builds around the idea that by providing our patients with forward-thinking treatment options they can take proactive care of their oral health.

Do your teeth need realigning as an adult? Top 5 reasons to choose Invisalign aligners

Many adults think that the time of life for wearing braces has long since passed. They are too old to undergo any dental treatment and anyway, now they are old enough to say no, why would they want to? So, when adults are told by their dentist that they could benefit cosmetically from braces to correct a misalignment, most instantly say no without considering the different options available.It is becoming more popular for adults to undergo cosmetic dentistry than it ever has been, with many opting for clear braces to help correct many common alignment issues.

Clear Braces Direct in London

At Clear Braces Direct in London, we want everyone to feel confident about their smiles, so we are able to offer our patients the Invisalign aligner, a merging of both cosmetic and minor orthodontic care.

Before saying ‘no’ outright, consider the following five benefits of using the Invisalign aligner with Clear Braces Direct in London.


One of the key worries that all adults have about wearing braces is how they will look. Indeed, with careers that may rely a lot on appearance, adults do not want to attract negative attention, especially if during their line of work, they have to smile a lot.

The Invisalign aligner offered by Clear Braces Direct in London, is made of a flexible, clear plastic, customised to fit over your teeth. It belongs to a group of braces known as ‘invisible’ braces, which as the name suggests, are hard to detect in the mouth, even at close range. Perfect!


The Invisalign procedure uses sophisticated technology; scans, computer imaging and even X-rays are all used during the first phases of the procedure.

Using a 3D scan, one of our dental team will show you how each stage of the realignment process will progress and using customised aligners, will allow you to be able to predict with great accuracy each stage of the treatment.

Fast and effective

Invisalign aligners can take up to 18 months for you to gain the desired effect, with the average treatment time being 12 months. Compared to the traditional orthodontic brace, this time period is significantly shorter; the average time of a patient wearing a traditional brace is 2-3 years.

The Invisalign aligner also has a high success rate of 96%, so it is extremely efficient.


Invisalign is fully removable, so you can remove it to eat food, brush your teeth and attend dental check-ups. It is easy to clean and maintain and is therefore suitable for even the busiest lifestyle.

No complications

When wearing orthodontic braces, issues like plaque accumulation and gum disease are more common, solely due to the structure of the brace creating ledges and crevices that are difficult to reach.

Invisalign is removable and therefore, you are less likely to have any issues arising from the wearing of this aligner.

Call us today to see if Invisalign is the right treatment for you!

‘Am I suitable for invisible braces?’ Things to consider before Invisalign treatment with Clear Braces Direct

Modern life is all about appearances. More and more people are seeking cosmetic treatments than ever before, to provide them with a needed confidence boost and as a means of treating themselves to a makeover.

It seems an odd point that in dentistry today, certain braces are considered a type of cosmetic treatment. Of course, they have always realigned teeth and created symmetry, but in traditional dentistry they were primarily used to restore functionality to the mouth. Now there are numerous braces used in private practice, solely to improve the appearance of teeth.

Clear Braces Direct in London

At Clear Braces Direct in London, we are proud to be able to offer our patients the famous Invisalign braces treatment at an affordable price. But before you rush into booking an appointment with us, there are a few things you need to know about this brace.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign is an invisible aligner, made from flexible, clear plastic that fits over your teeth snugly and uses coils to push your misaligned teeth into their desired position. Our dental team at Clear Braces Direct in London will take scans of your teeth and provide you with a set of aligners for each stage of the treatment.

You will need to wear the aligners for up to 20 hours a day to gain the full benefit of the treatment and you will need to visit our dentists, to ensure the treatment is progressing correctly, every few months.

Are you suitable?

Our dental team at Clear Braces Direct in London doesn’t want to waste your time with appointments that aren’t necessary; we have simplified the suitability procedure. Just take a picture of your smile (selfie time!) and send it to us through our website. Then, we will inform you whether we feel you are suitable or not. If you are, we will send you a suitability questionnaire and book you an appointment.

Please allow up to 24 hours for us to assess your photograph.

How long does it take?

Depending on the severity of your misalignment, the Invisalign brace may take up to 18 months to work, however, the average length of time is around 12 months (wearing the aligner daily) to full completion.

If you have worn an orthodontic or clear brace before Invisalign, your treatment time will probably be shorter.

Is it costly?

At Clear Braces Direct, we are aware that money often puts people off of the idea of undergoing cosmetic dental treatments. Therefore, when you choose our surgery for your Invisalign treatment, you can either pay up front or you can pay for your treatment on finance, breaking it down into affordable monthly payments.

If you pay for private health insurance in the UK, please contact our team for more information about paying for Invisalign treatment using this method.

What are you waiting for? Send us your smile today and let’s help you get the smile you deserve!

Providing clear braces direct to your door

Clear Braces Direct in London is an innovative way in providing you with the freedom to correct your smile without needing to resort to multiple dental visits, uncomfortable and awkward straightening devices and strict rules to adhere to, whilst undergoing the procedure to ensure results.

Clear Braces Direct in London

We are determined to make the process as smooth and easy for you as possible, so that you can focus on what you need to in order to get ahead in your life. Braces are no longer just for teenagers. In fact, we have found that a significant proportion of people who have some form of teeth straightening device, or are looking to get one, are adults. By specifically catering to the specific needs of a working person, we have streamlined and perfected the process for your benefit.

By taking the free online suitability test, you will be able to discover whether this programme is right for you. A simple selfie is all that it takes and you can be on your way to having the picture perfect smile that you have always dreamed of having.

A straight smile can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem and those with crooked teeth can find that their social and business ventures can be hindered by the appearance of their teeth. First impressions last and unfortunately, people have a natural association of crooked teeth with untrustworthiness, lower levels of intelligence and attractiveness.

By investing in your future, you can continue to make progress in the present with Clear Braces Direct in London. There is no need to put your life on hold whilst you undergo treatment and since everything is delivered straight to your door, you are free to work through the process in your own time, with full support from us.

How do we do it?

By coming in for a scan after finding out that you are suitable for our teeth straightening system, we can discuss with you the process and take all of the necessary digital scans that we need to build a successful treatment plan, based on your personal needs.

You will receive the results in the post, so you can look over them as well as a proposed treatment plan, at your own leisure. When you are ready to commit to the treatment plan, give us your approval and we can digitally create your first set of aligners.

The aligners themselves are clear and removable, meaning that you are able to eat the food that you enjoy without fear of it getting caught in your braces and needing the assistance of a dentist to keep them clean. To avoid bad breath and unnecessary plaque build up, you should brush your teeth after eating and replacing the aligners.

We recommend that you wear the aligners for a minimum of 20 hours each day in order to see expected results. As they are barely visible when worn, we find that many of our patients using Clear Braces Direct in London are fine with this recommendation.

The length of the treatment varies, but you can expect that on average in around a year, you can have the smile that you have always wanted to share with the world.

Straight teeth the easy way with Clear Braces Direct

We have developed an incredibly flexible system to allow you to straighten your teeth in the comfort and convenience of your own home with Clear Braces Direct in London. After a lot of careful planning and research, we took note of a large group of people who are looking to, or who have straightened their teeth and the numbers are surprising. A lot of you are working age adults who have taken responsibility into their own hands to create an image of themselves that they desire.

Clear Braces Direct in London

However, it can be hard to balance work and a commitment to straightening your teeth. A lot of patients are put off by the necessity to take time out of their busy working schedules for multiple scans and visits with their dentist.

Compound this issue with the idea of having braces for several months up to a couple of years and many of you start to put off your dream of having a picture perfect smile. Clear Braces Direct in London are here for you. We heard your concerns and understand the compromises that have to be made and have now made it easier than ever before to allow you to get the smile you want.

Here’s how

By initially taking the free online suitability test, you are able to immediately find out whether you can move forward with this procedure or not. There is no need to undergo timely and costly scans or dental appointments to later find out that this treatment is not for you, in the hopes of signing you into a different procedure that was not your initial plan.

You can send us a selfie from the comfort of your own home and our knowledgeable dentists will be able to identify several key factors within your smile that provide clues to your condition and whether we are able to treat it with this method or not.

If you are suitable, we can move onto the next step and book you in for a complete scan and examination. When you come and meet the team and have a scan in our practice, you will find a group of friendly, experienced professionals who have all of the modern technology available to make your experience seamless and comfortable.

There is no need for manual moulds with the latest digital scanners, which have the added advantage of pinpointing precise locations and manipulations for the most comfortable and effective transformation that is available on the market.

Your results from the scan will be delivered to your door so that you can peruse through the information in your own time. The results package will be a detailed account of each step of the treatment process that you will go through and 3D images that give you a real understanding of your position.

Upon your approval, the treatment will begin as your first set of removable aligners are digitally moulded and sent to your door. You can expect new sets to be sent to you every 2 weeks until the treatment is complete.

With constant support from the dental care team and check-ups throughout and after the treatment is finished, you can feel comfortable knowing you are fully supported throughout every step of the way.

Invisalign at Clear Braces Direct in London

Have you been told by your dentist that you need braces?

Are you worried about how they may look?

Whatever your age, when you are told you may need braces, it can cause worry. If you are already unhappy with how your teeth look, the idea of having braces put on to straighten them may feel daunting and unappealing.

Clear Braces Direct in London

Luckily, a revolutionary technology has swept the world of dentistry and cosmetics away. Created in 2009, Invisalign has been heralded as one of the best ways to not only straighten teeth, but to boost your confidence in the process.

At Clear Braces Direct in Fleet Street, we are proud to be able to offer Invisalign to our customers. We have had positive reviews about this product and are happy to offer it as an alternative to metal braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic device that is a clear or ‘invisible’ form of dental braces.  These are used to adjust teeth through the orthodontist or dentist scanning your teeth and designing a different set of retainers for each step of your dental realignment.

They have been found to be effective at correcting issues such as overcrowding in the mouth and other minor to moderate dental issues. Invisalign has also been found to be beneficial to individuals who are experiencing a relapse in their dental straightening after orthodontic treatment. They are not indicated for use with individuals who may have severe dental misalignment or gaps.

Invisalign is the world’s most advanced clear alignment system and, depending on recommendations from your dentist or orthodontist, may be the best option for having your teeth straightened.

Clear Braces Direct in Fleet Street have staff that are trained in the art of using the Invisalign technique and can talk you through the entire process if they deem it is the correct one for you.

Is Invisalign painful?

Over the years, we have all met that one person who has had brace-based orthodontic work and said it is painful. Traditionally, metal braces are used to pull teeth into the desired position and they involve frequent visits to the dentist to be tightened or adjusted.

Invisalign braces do not require adjusting or tightening and use a different method to realign your teeth.

Each set of Invisalign braces has been 3D printed to fit your teeth perfectly. Rather than pulling your teeth into position, these braces gently nudge your teeth into the desired positions, gradually and with no force. This minimises discomfort and makes the entire experience more pleasant.

Curious about whether Invisalign braces are right for you?

At Clear Braces Direct, we offer a free suitability test online. Using a smartphone or digital camera, take a selfie that clearly displays your teeth for us to evaluate them, then please allow up to 24 hours for us to decide suitability.

If we feel you are suitable for Invisalign treatment, we will email you a custom login to take our online questionnaire.

Looking to improve the appearance of your smile? Clear Braces Direct has the answer

When a dentist mentions to a customer that they would benefit from having their teeth straightened, many people cringe.

The image of thick, metal braces can be very upsetting – especially if you, like many people, cannot understand how in a bid to improve your smile, you must use something that can be fairly unsightly.

Clear Braces Direct in London

Not to worry, if you need braces to help straighten your teeth, Clear Braces Direct in London has the perfect solution.

Exactly as it sounds, our braces are clear and act in a similar way as a classic retainer. Just pop your personalised braces in and you are ready to go.

Our process

To begin your dental transformation, take a selfie, showing your teeth and submit it to our online form. Please note that not all people will be suitable for clear braces and those that aren’t will be advised by our team of dentists about alternative solutions.

This stage of the process is free and if you are suitable for clear braces, the next step is a scan.

Our dental team based in Fleet Street London, will conduct a scan using our high tech, 3-D scanner. This will not only provide clear images of the shape of your teeth, but also with a useful reference point to track progress.

The braces

Unlike other dentists, at Clear Braces Direct in Fleet Street, we do not rely solely on one set of braces to help get your teeth looking their best.

Once you have been given the go ahead post-scan, our dentists will craft a set of braces for you, for each step of your dental alignment. Our braces are made using Invisalign aligners which, unlike some other braces, are made with precision machines and are contoured to fit around your gums, to ensure you receive the highest level of comfort.

When your fitted braces are completed, they will then be sent to you via post and so, your journey to having straighter teeth begins in the comfort of your own home.

We advise you to track your smile every 2 weeks using the dental monitoring app. That way, we are able to cross-check your progress against the 3D images we took at the initial scan.

Our promise to you

At Clear Braces Direct in Fleet Street, we aim to provide you with a non-invasive option to straighten your teeth.

Also, for a minimal cost, we will sign you up to our ‘Retainer For Life Program.’ This will ensure that if you lose or break your retainer, you can claim another set. However, if you would rather not sign up to this program, you will be able to order replacement retainers.

You can either pay the full cost in one payment or we offer the option of spreading the cost of your braces over 72 months. Also, we can promise you straight teeth from our clear braces in as little as 4-6 months.