What is it like to have clear aligners?

At Clear Braces Direct London, we’ve guided nearly 6000 people through the aligner treatment process, and therefore we know quite a bit about the treatment. So what’s it really like to live with a clear aligner?


Clear aligners from Clear Braces Direct London are some of the UK’s top orthodontic tools and can only really be compared to the reach of traditional braces in their widespread popularity. Not that you notice clear aligners; patients can go out by day without a second look from those around them, therefore it is understandable how iconic they have become through their subtlety.

But the popularity of these aligners is due to more than just appearance. For instance, the fitting of an orthodontic brace can take more than an hour, whereas the fitting process for a clear aligner is more like being measured for a tailored suit. The priority is to take the most accurate possible measurements of a patient’s teeth; we found the best way to do this is with an intraoral scanner. This device makes a 3D model of your mouth from the inside far less invasive and a lot more comfortable than dental moulds.

Living with and using clear aligners every day

One of the better things about clear aligners over the standard metal brace is their greater degree of flexibility for the wearer. You can remove your aligner at any time, unlike a fixed brace.

From a medical perspective, aligners are definitely a double-edged sword, as the responsibility of continuing treatment is entirely placed on the patient rather than on the orthodontist at the clinic. Aligners are only effective if they are being worn 20-22 hours per day; this is considered the minimum use in order to maintain the treatment schedule. Removing aligners for extensive periods will not only slow down the overall treatment time, but could also result in having to restart treatment from the beginning.

This is very much a case of commitment, Thankfully aligners are very comfortable to wear and rarely create an issue for patients, who often forget they’re wearing them at all. Being completely transparent, the patient can see the changing tooth position, reassuring them as to how effective the treatment is and helping them to remain motivated and wearing their aligners. This is not the case with traditional braces which obscure the progress of realignment until they are removed.

Damage to aligners and accidents

In everyday life, accidents happen and it is likely that any orthodontic brace will take a few knocks on the way; traditional braces are designed to be hardy in order to survive the entire treatment schedule. Each aligner is only meant to function for 2 weeks and works in sequence with many others. This allows them to be thin and more comfortable. Unfortunately this also makes them easy to break; if you attempt to eat with them in or wash them in hot water, they can become irreversibly damaged. We at Clear Braces Direct London can rapidly replace damaged aligners in less than a week in order to minimise any delay in the treatment.

Who is Suitable for treatment with Clear aligners?

Clear braces Direct in London is a major supplier of aligners in the UK. Most people can receive treatment with clear aligners but here, we look into it further and see how they could help you.


Clear braces are an orthodontic tool and should be seen that way, not as a cosmetic treatment procedure. Starting the journey with Clear braces Direct in London will begin with an assessment. Here, we will assess your suitability for treatment with aligners, and ask about any medical issues that you may have. That said, if you have a minor misalignment and no pre-existing conditions it is highly likely that clear aligners would not only be effective but also a convenient and useful procedure for you.

Aligners are not suited for more severe or complicated misalignments, for which you would have to be seen by a more skilled dentist. If you suffer from severe crowding or there is an issue with the position of your molars, then clear aligners would probably be ineffective.

Minor gapping a sloped retrograde (or forward slant), as well as rotated teeth, can be corrected by aligner treatment. Even crooked or front teeth that have malocclusion can be effectively treated but this is only if these issues are minor. For more complex cases of rotation or to correct more gapping, you may need to seek treatment from a more skilled dentist in relation to using metal braces.

Can adults use clear aligners?

There are no restrictions on treatment for orthodontic tools related to age; assuming you possess all of your adult teeth, there should be no issues. In fact, while many think that restrictions in the NHS on braces are due to success related to age, they are actually more to do with how the NHS funding works. And so, if you aren’t sure if you are suited for braces or aligners, just give us a call.

There is no medical evidence supporting the idea that orthodontic correction needs to occur within a certain age range but in the case of very senior patients, it can be linked with how structurally sound their teeth are making any application of aligners complicated.

Can I use both clear aligners and braces?

There is currently a great deal of work exploring the use of mixed treatment involving using an aligner and braces, just not at the same time. The brace is used first and the aligners are used afterwards for a shorter treatment period. This allows more conditions to be treated but in less time than a full metal brace. But you would require an assessment in order to work out if this is a viable option for you.

If this isn’t an option for you, you could explore ceramic braces. They are structurally similar to the traditional brace of a glass polymer mix and are completely transparent and more subtle.

If you have any further questions or would like to explore the option of using clear aligners for yourself or for a family member, please feel free to get in contact with Clear Braces Direct in London.

Clear braces Direct and how we do what we do!

Here at Clear Braces Direct in London, we are proud to be an Invisalign provider and part of Invisalign’s Partnership Programme achieving Diamond Status. This was achieved not by achieving some form of arbitrary sales target but by providing the highest standard of care and the highest success rate of their design providers.


How did we do this? With relentless focus. Clear Braces Direct in London (although it may seem like a simple online provider) is a dental clinic but one that is simply entirely focused on providing and maximizing the use of Invisalign aligners. By allowing our medical staff to focus entirely on this subspecialty of orthodontics, we have become an industry leader and we couldn’t be happier. If you have an orthodontic issue or concerns about how your teeth line up or are working, we would be happy to provide an assessment. But for more general dentistry or any form of filling, scrape and polishing, you really should go to your local clinic.

Why Invisalign?

There are multiple other clear aligner manufacturers on the market but Invisalign was the first to establish themselves; they not only hold several patents on the best way to make aligners and provide them, but they also have established the largest base of local partners. This partnership works on the basis that Invisalign provides manufacturing skills and software whereas the local partners provide dental expertise and individual patient care. This allows us to maximize the journey and results that we can give and Invisalign, as the manufacturer, to ensure that their goods are being used with the guidance of fully qualified dentists to their greatest potential.

What problems can we and can’t we fix?

Not only have clear braces direct in London specialised in orthodontics, but we are actually sub-specialised in a category of orthodontic work, which would be considered nonspecialist, mild or cosmetic orthodontics. This is due to the limitations of clear aligners; there are some aligner providers who have a habit of over-promising the possible results of the use of an aligner and treating aligners like a silver bullet that can cure-all. This is a disservice, not only to the patient who is bound to be disappointed but to the manufacturers who are having false promises associated with the products. We do not accept patients simply to boost sales or service but we advise them when it is in their best interests to join us on an orthodontic journey using Invisalign.

Clear aligners are best suited to working on the front teeth, where milder overcrowding or gapping needs to be corrected. If a pallet needs extending or widening, then more advanced orthodontic treatment will be required; this is also true with any bridgework. We provide free assessments for anybody curious about the possibility of treatment with clear aligners in order to maximize the availability of aligners, whilst also directing those who require a different level of care to the appropriate services. Please see the ‘Am I suitable?’ section of the website for the online form and brief questionnaire to get you started.

Clear Braces Direct in London: How we can put a smile on your face!

If you have been looking for a way to realign your teeth then Clear Braces Direct in London can help you do so in a discreet and more comfortable way. Having misaligned teeth can affect people’s confidence to smile naturally, and we don’t want that; we want you to be able to smile from ear to ear without feeling anything other than confidence that your smile is one to rival a Cheshire Cat’s!


But, how can we help you to achieve a realigned smile if you don’t want to wear metal braces, you may well be thinking. At Clear Braces Direct in London, we offer a solution to realigning mild to moderate alignment issues that don’t involve wires and brackets.


Invisalign is a convenient way to realign your teeth that is virtually invisible when worn, thanks to the clear plastic aligners that you wear over your teeth, rather than having metal fixed braces. The aligners apply pressure to your teeth to gently move them into position over time and they are custom-made to fit your mouth, so they should be far more comfortable to wear. There are lots of positive reasons to wear Invisalign and gain a smile to be proud of.

Why should I choose Invisalign?

There are many reasons why patients are choosing Invisalign. Aside from being able to wear them without other people realising, Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners are removable and they only need to be worn for around 22 hours a day, leaving you with plenty of time to remove them for eating and drinking, or participating in your favourite sports, for example. By removing them when you eat and drink, you don’t have a messy cleanup operation afterwards and you can continue to eat and drink as normal. You won’t just be drinking lots of soup for 6-18 months!

Another benefit of being able to remove the aligners is that you can continue to brush and floss as normal, allowing you to maintain good oral hygiene. You also will only need to visit us every 6 weeks or so, because we will provide you with sets of aligners to change between every couple of weeks as directed by us. You shouldn’t need emergency appointments as the aligners are very difficult to break and don’t consist of small parts as fixed metal braces do, leaving you with less impact on your busy schedule!

How would I get Invisalign?

First thing’s first, if you want to find out if Invisalign is suitable for you, you will need to book in with us for a consultation. We will examine your mouth and possibly take x-rays as well. We will then be able to tell you if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. It is typically used for issues such as gapped teeth, overcrowding, crossbite, under or overbites. Once we have determined if we are recommending Invisalign as a treatment and you have talked this through with us, asking any questions you may have, we would then use iTero technology to take a digital scan of your mouth to get the measurements needed for your bespoke aligners. From this we can also create a 3D animation of what your teeth will look like after treatment – it’s clever stuff and certainly great for helping you to visualise the end result.

So, why not contact us today and our friendly staff will be happy to put a smile on your face.

Straighten your teeth in as little as six months with Clear Braces Direct

If you have slightly misaligned front teeth then we at Clear Braces Direct in London could help you become happier when it comes to your smile. Offering our patients the chance to benefit from a discreet, efficient straightening appliance, we want all of them to be proud to show off their smile by the time that they have finished treatment. Invisalign is an innovative treatment that consists of a removable appliance and can straighten peoples’ teeth in as little as four months, depending on individual circumstances. In cases where the misalignment of teeth is more severe, it may take longer than four months to complete treatment, but you will still benefit from the subtle nature of this treatment. A lot of people are reluctant to get traditional braces because they do not like the idea of having a metal appliance permanently fixed into their mouth for years, which is why Invisalign’s clear, plastic aligners offer so many great benefits when compared to a more traditional appliance.


Swapping messy bite impressions for a simple 3D scan

Usually, when people get braces they have to suffer through having an impression taken of their teeth, which normally consists of biting down into a playdough like substance. At Clear Braces Direct in London you will have a 3D scan taken of your mouth instead, so there is no need to undergo any messy impression taking. This scan will form the basis of your treatment, as it will produce a series of images to show your teeth in different positions as they move toward their final straight positions over a period of time. You will have a different set of aligners to wear for each stage of the movement, all custom-made specifically for your teeth. They will be made of thin, clear plastic and should easily fit over the top of your own teeth. They should be comfortable and not impact your ability to speak, and in some cases, people will not even spot that you are undergoing treatment because they are so transparent.

Wear, eat, brush, repeat

Once you have received your aligners from us at Clear Braces Direct in London, it is vital that you wear them correctly to ensure that your treatment works as efficiently as planned. Not wearing them correctly could result in extra time being added to your overall treatment time, or you could need to completely restart it. As well as wearing your aligners in the correct order, you must ensure that each set is being worn for around two weeks at a time. This gives your teeth time to adjust to their new positions. Your aligners will be removable, too, but it is important that you only remove them to eat and brush your teeth. You must always brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in after having something to eat, as this will make sure that there is no plaque build-up and your aligners will not get damaged. Even though they are removable you must be weaning them for twenty-two hours at least every day, otherwise, you risk the chances of your treatment not working properly.

You can get your teeth whitened as well at Clear Braces Direct

At Clear Braces Direct in London we are well known for helping people to straighten out their smile. However, not a lot of people know that we provide our patients with the ability to whiten their smile too. Having discoloured teeth can leave people feeling incredibly insecure and at Clear Braces Direct we believe that everyone should love their smile. Discolouration can be caused by all sorts of things and may make your teeth seem slightly yellowish, or you may have larger, more noticeable stains that are browner in colour. Either way, we want to help you get rid of your imperfections and leave your insecurities behind. We offer convenient treatment that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, and our dental practitioners will always be on hand to answer any questions that you might have.


Wishing that your smile was a few shades brighter?

People only get one set of adult teeth, and as people age, these teeth can become stained or appear to have a yellowish tint to them. Having discoloured teeth can age someone, making them appear older than they really are. At Clear Braces Direct in London we offer teeth whitening treatment to keep your smile looking refreshed and youthful. Stains can occur for all sorts of reasons, and teeth will become less bright naturally as they age, but things such as drinking tea and alcohol can increase your chances of having stained teeth. Lifestyle habits such as smoking can also cause yellow or brown stains to appear, but having a good brushing regime where you use both mouthwash and floss could dramatically increase your chances of having a brighter smile too. We can help people to brighten their smile by several shades so they can feel proud to show off their smile in public, without worrying about having stained teeth.

Convenient treatment in your own home

Once you have made the decision to get your teeth whitened with us at Clear Braces Direct in London you will have to send us a photo of your teeth so we can assess what types of stains you have. After this, you will come into the practice so you can have a 3D scan taken of your mouth, and from this, you will have custom made trays created just for you. These trays are easy to put in and take out, and you will also be provided with the bleaching gel that is needed. Once you have your custom made trays and bleaching gel, you are in charge of the rest of your treatment. Your dental practitioner will provide you with instructions on how to put the gel into your tray before use, and they will also explain how you will need to wear them at night whilst you sleep. Being able to carry out your treatment at home means that you can avoid having to interrupt your normal daily routine and undergo your treatment in a comfortable environment. The results teeth whitening treatments produce will always vary in relation to your unique circumstances.

Why choose Clear Braces Direct?

When you are looking for a dentist to provide you with Invisalign, you want to know that you will be taken care of and that the service will be high quality. Here at Clear Braces Direct in London, you get just that, due to us only focusing on and providing Invisalign, which means it is of the highest quality.


Why only Invisalign?

The reason why we only use Invisalign aligners is because they are the world’s leading clear aligner brand, and our patients’ results help prove this. Our team consists of a group of Diamond and Platinum Elite Invisalign dentists and orthodontists, who have helped thousands of people achieve a straighter smile.

What are the benefits?

There are so many great advantages that you can enjoy with our high-quality Invisalign treatment. More people than ever are looking for a way to straighten their teeth without having to deal with any surgeries and this treatment does just that. The ease of the process is such a big part of why Invisalign is growing in popularity. It simply consists of scans and wearing aligners, it is as simple as that.

These aligners are machine-made, which means the precision is next to none. This is due to the use of your x-rays taken in your first appointment, mixed with 3D technology and the modern machine that creates the aligners.

When you come to us here at Clear Braces Direct London, you know you will be in good hands due to our dentists having experience working with Invisalign for over 12 years. They were some of the first dentists in the UK to use this Invisalign system, which shows just how knowledgeable they are.

How does it all work?

When you choose us for your Invisalign journey, we will begin by having a consultation appointment with you. This allows us to discuss the treatment and determine whether you are eligible.

If all goes well, you can book an appointment at one of our scan centres. Our dentists use innovative, high-tech scanners so there is no need for any moulds. Once we have taken the scans, we will then use a program called Invisalign Clincheck, which allows us to show you how your teeth would move week by week with the aligners in, as well as the end result. Our patients love this as it excites them to know what their teeth could look like after the treatment is done.

Once you have received your aligners, your Invisalign journey can truly begin. You will change between the different aligners from the comfort of your own home, usually every week or two. The treatment time varies depending on your needs, but can be as quick as 6 months or 18 months, it all comes down to the severity of your case.

Once you have completed our London Clear Braces Direct Invisalign treatment, it is strongly recommended that you get retainers from us to make sure your smile doesn’t revert back to its original position.

Invisalign from Clear Braces Direct

If you are wishing to straighten your teeth, but don’t want to have any invasive surgeries, then Invisalign could be a great option for you. This is a simple process which can bring effective results through the use of plastic aligners. These aligners are thin and clear, and will gradually move your teeth over time.


We are proud to offer our 3-step Invisalign treatment for our patients to enjoy. We take pride in delivering a high-quality service, making you feel comfortable and welcome whilst doing so. This treatment can really make a difference to your smile, so contact us today for an appointment!

How does it work?

The first step is having a consultation appointment with one of our dentists here at Clear Braces Direct London, so we can find out whether or not you’re eligible. We can also answer any questions you may have and discuss the treatment. We use high-tech, 3D scanners to get a perfect look at all of your teeth in a more in-depth way. We then use something called Invisalign Clincheck which allows us to show you the difference the aligners will make week by week and what they should look like at the end of it. If you decide you want to go ahead with the treatment, we will send these scans off so that your custom aligners can be created.

Once you have received your aligners, you can truly start your journey. You will be given multiple aligners, each one being slightly different in order to move your teeth into a straighter position. You will change these from the comfort of your own home, which our patients love. On top of this, we also have a London Clear Braces Direct app where you can send us pictures of your progress and communicate with us, meaning fewer unnecessary appointments. The treatment time varies depending on your needs, but range from 6-18 months.

The final step of our Invisalign treatment is whitening and retaining. We will include whitening gel with your aligners so you can use it to really help to finish off your new look! It is always recommended to use retainers after straightening your teeth, to ensure that they don’t move back to their original position.

The advantages

When you have Invisalign with us here at Clear Braces Direct in London, there are so many great benefits you can enjoy, whether it’s before you start the treatment, during or after.

These aligners are removable, meaning that you won’t have to worry about what foods you eat, our patients love this as they can simply pop the aligner out before they eat. This also means it is easier to clean them, all you have to do is take it out, brush it with your toothbrush, give it a rinse and you’re good to go!

The clear, thin plastic material that is used to make these London Clear Braces Direct aligners means that when you are wearing them, no one will even notice you have them in. This is good if you are a more self-conscious person and don’t want to draw added attention to your teeth.

How to get Invisalign in London

With Clear Braces Direct London, you can receive treatment with Invisalign direct to your door! The effective yet subtle orthodontic treatment is usually reserved for in-clinic treatment. We have lowered the barrier of entry to allow the greatest number of people to get access to and benefit from Invisalign.


Orthodontic corrections are common in dentistry and an estimated third of all children will need some form of alignment. Invisalign is suitable for any age, as long as you have all of your adult teeth! It is also a great way to receive treatment as an adult conveniently and unobtrusively.

After an assessment with our clinical staff to ascertain your suitability and ensure that clear aligners would be useful in your case, the fitting can begin.

We perform oral scanning at our Clear Braces Direct London treatment rooms, which allows us to capture an extremely accurate record of the starting positions of your teeth, a fundamental step in getting the most from your use of Invisalign. There is no obligation to proceed with treatment at this point if you do not wish to. The use of intra-oral scanning lowers the overall cost and allows you to avoid having to sit for a dental mould, which can take up to 5 minutes to set and can agitate some patients’ gag reflex. It is a lot cleaner too.

What is it like using aligners?

Aligners work by coaxing your teeth into new locations, rotating them and straightening them by constantly applying mild pressure to your teeth. Throughout the treatment, you will wear each aligner for about 2 weeks and when you move on to the next one in the treatment cycle will depend on how compliant your teeth are. At the start of wearing a new aligner, they will fit very snugly and over time, they will become noticeably looser; this is because your teeth have moved to better fit the aligner! That is when it is time to move on to the next aligner in the set, progressively moving your teeth to the final post-treatment positions.

How do they make clear aligners?

The clever bit of aligners is the use of computer-aided design via Invisalign’s ClinCheck software. This provides an interface for an orthodontist to plan your future smile by rearranging the 3D model of your teeth. This gives the final position and ClinCheck creates a smooth transition tracking the movement necessary to rearrange your teeth.

From this, a treatment schedule of aligners can be produced that will push on the teeth when worn, making that final positioning a reality.

Treatment length and check-ups

The total length of the treatment time will be highly variable depending on the severity of each case; it could be from 6 months to several years. After an assessment, an approximation can be made on the treatment length for you. During treatment, we will always be available to provide advice and guidance online and by phone. But you are recommended to visit our Clear Braces Direct London clinic every 8 weeks to monitor progress.

Clear Braces Direct – our FAQs about braces

There are multiple orthodontic alternatives in modern-day dental clinics with very different means of suitable and convenient treatments. As older head braces and headgear become almost unheard of in the dental world, clear ceramic braces and clear aligners are fast becoming the norm.


There was always the desire to keep braces as unobtrusive as possible, but with progression in science and computer-aided design, clear aligners have become a practical and effective treatment for many minor orthodontic issues.

But, there are limitations on the use of aligners at Clear Braces Direct London.We have experience of guiding 5900 patients through their orthodontic treatment with aligners and know how to get the most from your Clear Braces Direct London in your home.

We are asked many similar questions from our patients, so here are our top 5 FAQs answered.

Can I get an invisible brace?

It’s very likely that you can, as there are very few restrictions or contraindications attached to them. You need all your adult teeth and if you are under 18 years old, you will need either your parents’ or guardians’ permission. If you have cavities, signs of weakened teeth or gum disease, you will have to resolve those conditions before starting any orthodontic treatment.

Will it hurt?

All orthodontic treatment relies on how mobile teeth are, even if most of the time the movement occurs too slowly for us to notice. The constant pressure on your teeth to make these movements possible is going to cause discomfort. Patients who have used both clear aligners and standard braces are surprised by how comfortable aligners are. By using the minimum effective force to alter the tooth’s positions, aligners also make smaller increments when making adjustments than those performed by an orthodontist using a standard metal brace.

How many aligners will I need?

Every patient is different and how many aligners you will need is going to be highly variable depending on your case. Each aligner will be used for approximately 2 weeks, but this will also vary depending on how often you use your aligner, 20 plus hours a day is recommended to notice the desired results quickly.

When your aligner is no longer a tight fit, it is because your teeth have moved into their new position and the aligner is no longer under tension. During your treatment, our team is always just a call away and we are happy to guide you through the process with advice or tips.

What about the total time of the treatment?

This something that varies on a case by case basis, but an approximation can be made after a clinical assessment. At the end of your treatment with aligners, there will be an assessment comparing the predicted results with the actual outcomes and depending on how it is going, there may be one or two ‘refinement’ aligners to finish your treatment. These aligners will be provided at no additional cost if they are required.

Is it expensive?

There are financing options for spreading the cost of treatment. Clear Braces Direct London are usually seen as adult and cosmetic by the NHS so you will have to cover the costs.