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Invisalign in London & Newcastle

The UK's Only Invisalign Doctor Direct to Patient Provider!*
Invisalign from £74.66 per month!
Straighten teeth at home, in London or Newcastle
4-6 months within just 3 appointments
Spread the cost of Invisalign from £74.66 over 36 months
Weekly Progress Updates via Dental Monitoring App
UK's only Invisalign Providers to include:
3D Itero Scan (worth £350) & Personal Video Treatment Plan
Post The Invisalign Aligners Direct To Your Home
6759 Successful Invisalign Cases

Rated Excellent

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Invisalign in London Patient Journey

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Quote Left I am so very happy with the final outcome of my new smile! The staff have been amazing, really helpful and accommodating at every stage! I was sceptical at first, as the price was dramatically lower than other companies offering a similar service - but true to their word, you really get value for money and I saved my self a fortune! I also saved so much time, as I didn't have to constantly travel into London due to the app which allowed me to send my scans in remotely. Very clever indeed and quite revolutionary! I didn't realise how conscious I was of my teeth but now they look amazing and I smile even more with my new found confidence! Thank you Dr Tinkler and your brilliant team! Quote Right

- Happy Patient

Clear Aligners, Clear Pricing!

Based on your FREE 3D Scan, our dentists can determine the complexity of your dental correction.

The complexity determines your price package.

(up to 14 aligners)

Suitable for Mild to Moderate cases – Straightens front six teeth – known as the “Social 6”.

Or £74.66 per month with finance

Comprehensive Simple
(15-25 aligners)

Suitable for Mild to Advanced Cases – Straighten your front ten teeth.

Or £90.54 per month with finance

Comprehensive Complex
(25+ aligners)

Suitable for an array of conditions, including overcrowding, underbite, overbite, crossbite and overjet.

Or £106.43 per month with finance

All packages include:

  • Free Suitability Check & 3D Itero Scan (worth £350)
  • Experienced Invisalign 'Diamond Apex' Level Dentists
  • Weekly Progress Updates With Dental Monitoring App
  • Invisalign Treatment Plan
  • Free Incisal Contouring
  • Invisalign Technology
  • Free Teeth Whitening Gel
  • Refinement Aligners Included* (£99 processing fee applies)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
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Smile With Confidence

See Your Smile Potential

Quote Left I love the Invisalign system because it makes such a difference in people's lives, it can be tailored to suit the patient's needs, and it fits within their lifestyle. Every time the patient sees you they are a bit happier. Patients actually look forward to seeing you! Quote Right

- Graham Tinkler, Diamond Invisalign Provider
Graham Tinkler, Diamond Invisalign Provider
Experience Matthew's Invisalign Journey
Quote Left I really admire the less invasive approach to tooth straightening offered by Invisalign treatment and it was one of the reasons I opted for it”, said Mr. Webb. “The dentist showed me a computer simulation of my tooth movements with Invisalign clear aligners and we discussed various scenarios. I am blown away. I can’t believe that something so thin and transparent has the capacity to move my teeth! Quote Right

With You All The Way!

We Track Your Progress As We Go
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Dental Monitoring

Every week you would take a scan of your teeth using the DentalMonitoringApp and we can cross check your progress against your 3D images!

Clear Braces Direct are currently the only 'Direct to patient' provider offering this bespoke Monitoring system.

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Get your FREE Itero Scan & 3D Modelling (worth £350)

Let us show you what your smile can look like after the full-course of Invisalign.

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