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FAQs about getting straight teeth at home answered

Are you eager to get your teeth straightened but don’t want the hassle of wearing fitted braces? Or, are you looking for a way to undertake this process at home without needing to attend regular appointments?


Look no further! Our team at Clear Brace Direct can offer this with Invisalign aligners!

At Clear Braces Direct, we have been working with Invisalign aligners for over ten years, and we can help people who want to get straight teeth at home London to do so without the hassle of regular dental visits or metal wires. Great!

Want to know more about at-home aligners? Here, we answer common questions about how we provide straight teeth at home London.

Who is suitable for getting at-home aligners?

Most people who would be suitable for aligners, in general, would be able to get straight teeth at home London with invisible aligners.

You will need to meet with our team or send us a photo via our website so that we can assess whether you would be suitable for treatment, but as many as 97% of adults who have a dental misalignment are.

How do you use them?

Using aligners at home is simple! When they arrive at your door, they will do so in a set order, which you will need to wear for them to work correctly.

Depending on the advice of our team, you will need to wear them for around 22 hours per day. To clean them, simply rinse them under a cold water tap and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the debris. Under any circumstances, do not use hot water to clean your aligners since this can cause them to warp out of shape.

How long do they take to work?

When you use aligners at home, they should take around 3-6 months to work on average; this may vary depending on the severity of the dental misalignment and how often you adhere to the daily wear time.

For more complex cases of dental misalignment, you can expect the treatment to take up to a year, but our team will be able to advise you on your unique treatment timeline.

Does it cost more to have them sent to my home?

In a word, no. In fact, for many people, having their teeth straightened at home is more affordable simply because they do not have to travel to see our team every 4-6 weeks, and there are no additional costs regarding adjusting or moving your teeth.

Please note that if any additional or replacement aligners are needed, this will push the cost of the treatment up.

How do I report an issue?

If you suspect a problem with your aligners, please contact our team at Clear Braces Direct via the Invisalign app or by phone. If there is a severe problem, please note that you may need to come into our surgery.

Similarly, if you have lost an aligner and need to order a replacement, contact our team as soon as possible to prevent delays in the straightening process.

How to get straight teeth at home with our team

If you are an adult looking for a straightforward way to get the straighter smile you want, you have probably heard the hype surrounding Invisalign aligners.


Slotted over your teeth like a custom-made sports guard, these aligners use predetermined vector points to move your teeth over around 3 to 6 months for the average person. But were you aware that it is now possible for you to have your teeth straightened using an Invisalign aligner in the comfort of your home with minimal interaction with a dental team?

When you come to see our team at Clear Braces Direct, we will always be happy to discuss the possibility of you getting straight teeth at home London using invisible aligners. We can offer this service because simply put, we are well-versed when it comes to Invisalign aligners and know all there is to know about the treatment and the aftercare. So, when you come to our team, you will truly be getting the best of the best with the invisible realignment of your teeth.

So, how exactly can you get straight teeth at home London with our team? What is the process? Read on to find out!

Go to our website

Firstly, you will need to go to our website. Here, you can send our team a photo of your smile; this will allow us to assess whether or not you are suitable to have straight teeth at home London using Invisalign aligners. If we determine you are suitable, we will request your address to send out a kit.

Take the mould

The kits will arrive at your home within 1 to 2 weeks after you have applied for them online and will have within it a dental mould, which you will be required to use to take an imprint of your teeth. This process is simple to do and comes with a set of instructions, so don’t worry. Once the impression has been taken, you need to send it back to our team, and we will use it to create your aligners. In a typical set, there will be between 12 and 14 aligners, and you need to wear each one for around two weeks at a time. The process of creating the aligners can take up to 6 weeks, so be patient.

Wear the aligners

The aligners will then be sent directly to your home by our team, and when they arrive, you will notice that they come in a set order. For the aligner to straighten your teeth, you will need to wear them for around 22 hours per day or as directed by our team. To keep them clean, you will need to rinse them under a cold water tap each day and remove any food debris stuck to them with a toothbrush.

Stay in touch

We will be able to assess how successful your realignment process is when you send us photos of your smile; you’ll need to do this once a week. You need to send these images to us via the Invisalign app, and we will send you the instructions back.

Wear retainers

Once the treatment has been completed, you will need to wear a retainer; this ensures that your teeth, which have moved into new positions, do not revert to their previous alignment.

Advantages of getting straight teeth at home

In 2022, more people than ever before are looking for easy ways to straighten their teeth without the use of a fitted metal brace. Luckily, in the last few years, many dental clinics have been able to offer dental patients invisible aligners, which are as simple as fitting a sports mouthguard.


Becoming even more lifestyle friendly, there are now many dental clinics that can offer patients the luxury of getting their teeth straightened while in their own homes, which has become one of the most popular options available.

At Clear Braces Direct, we are always happy to take on new patients who want to get straight teeth at home London and are looking for the simplest way to do so. We can offer our patients treatment with invisible aligners like Invisalign and will always ensure that you have the help you need to make the treatment go as smoothly as possible. Great stuff!

But what are some of the core advantages of getting straight teeth at home London with the help of our team at Clear Braces Direct? Read on to find out.

Saves time with travel

Many people who have had a friend that has undertaken orthodontic treatment with traditional braces will know that a trip to see the dentist or orthodontist is required at least once every four weeks. When you come to us to get straight teeth at home London, the core advantage is that it saves travel time. You will only usually need to attend the initial consultation, after which the aligners will be sent straight to your door, and you can stay in touch with us using the associated app. Simple!

Saves money

Not having to travel to see our team to have the aligners corrected also saves travel costs. But more than this, it saves money across the entire treatment as most dentists will tell you the treatment for straightening teeth using traditional metal braces is usually more expensive because it incorporates the many dental appointments that are required to do so. By coming to Clear Braces Direct to use one of our aligners in the comfort of your own home, you can save money.


Many people do not undertake orthodontic treatment in their adult years because it is considered a lot of hassle. There is the issue of having the initial braces fitted, keeping them clean and then attending check-ups with the dental team to have the braces tightened; this is hard to fit in around a busy lifestyle. Using Invisalign in the comfort of your own home is more convenient and allows you to fit the treatment around your schedule, especially when you need to send photos to our team.

Higher chance of success

The use of clear aligners in your own home has been designed to increase the chance of success. It is based on the lower cost, the lack of hassle with keeping the aligners clean and in your mouth and of course, the lack of checkups needed. With all of these and the comfort of your own home, we have found that the chances of patients completing the orthodontic treatment go up, thus increasing overall success.

What are the advantages of the straight teeth at-home system?

You may be surprised to learn of the straight teeth at home London treatment plan with Clear Braces Direct. More than 7000 patients have entrusted us with their smile goals and now enjoy the confidence to smile warm, pleasing smiles once again.


We make use of the world-renowned Invisalign teeth correcting system in our straight teeth at home London treatment plan. The difference in how our system works is efficiency – we deliver the custom-made Invisalign trays directly to the patient’s door.

This is a seamless process from start to finish. To get started on your new smile journey with straight teeth at home London, you will need to upload a smiling selfie on our website for our dental practitioner to evaluate. In this post, we outline some of the sought-after advantages of choosing to straighten teeth at home with Clear Braces Direct.

Why choose the straight teeth at home treatment plan

Our patients appreciate the efficiency of our service. No time is wasted in making numerous trips to the dental rooms. Once you have received the Invisalign trays at home, we make use of a dental monitoring app to keep in touch with you and keep on top of your progress with the Invisalign treatment. You will need to visit us for the initial scan and fitting appointments, but thereafter, everything will be done remotely.

We are highly experienced in what we do and have amassed invaluable experience over more than 16 years of being a successful direct-to-patient Invisalign provider. Our patients benefit from this success. The complexity of our patients’ cases varies from simple misalignment issues to more complex ones.

The rewards of Invisalign

The arguments in favour of Invisalign as the treatment of choice to straighten teeth are powerful ones. Thanks to these advantages and the ease of use of this system, more and more patients can look forward to smiling brilliant smiles with confidence.

Invisalign removes the awkwardness of the teeth straightening process. The fact that there are no highly visible metal components but just clear, medical-grade plastic material that sits on teeth is a huge plus factor. If you are self-conscious about straightening your teeth, this teeth straightening device may be what you need.

Invisalign trays are removable, and this feature removes the challenge of food restrictions. With traditional devices, patients will need to be very careful with the foods they choose to eat to avoid damaging metal components. The aligner trays are easily removed before eating, which means that patients can eat whatever they like without worrying about their dental appliances being damaged.

The no-metal-components design opens up another advantage, which is the ease of maintaining oral hygiene. Teeth can be brushed and flossed without any hassle, and patients can keep on top of their oral hygiene by ensuring their Invisalign trays are appropriately sterilised.

Creating your stunning smile could not be more convenient. We offer treatment plans to patients with mild, moderate and more complex cases of misalignment. Get in touch with us at Clear Braces Direct for more information about what is included in our packages.

How does straight teeth at home with Clear Braces Direct work?

There is an easier way to straighten your crooked smile, one that does not involve making numerous trips to the dentist to make manual adjustments. Our straight teeth at home London treatment with Invisalign from Clear Braces Direct offers a seamless way to get a beautifully aligned smile.


We have an invaluable 15 years’ worth of experience correcting more than 7000 crooked smiles. We offer superior quality straight teeth at home London treatment plans so that you can smile with confidence once again.

How our straight teeth at home London process work

We are a direct-to-patient Invisalign provider; this means that once you have had your smile evaluated, passed patient criteria for Invisalign and met all other particulars, your Invisalign aligners will be delivered directly to your door.

Before we can offer you a treatment plan, we will need to have a look at your smile. To do this, you will need to upload a smiling selfie and book a free Invisalign consultation. What our patients love about our straight teeth at home process is that they can see the final result before they even begin treatment. This step also provides you with access to a bespoke video through which you will learn all the relevant details about how your treatment plan will unfold.

The second step is an in-house consultation for a free 3D Invisalign scan with one of our highly trained dentists. The use of high-tech dental scanners does away with the need for messy moulds.

The results of the scan will be sent to you via email. Your next step is to approve the results, after which we will send you an online consent form for you to sign and a payment link with details on how to make payment. Once everything is in order, we will have your custom-made Invisalign aligners made and delivered directly to you. You will then need to book a fitting appointment.

You’re now on your way to an aesthetically-pleasing aligned smile!

Once your treatment plan has been completed, the next step is to retain the look of your dazzling new smile. To do this, we encourage all our patients to wear retainers. We can advise you on the best brand to use.

Why choose Clear Braces Direct?

We offer patients the benefit of 15 years of experience in creating stunning smiles with Invisalign. While we may not require you to make in-clinic visits, we will still keep in touch with you throughout your treatment via the monitoring app.

This seamless experience saves you time and money, and you can reap the benefits of this popular teeth straightening solution. Invisalign is more comfortable to use, removes the embarrassment of wearing visible devices and saves patients from having to make adjustments to their diets.

We offer different package options depending on the complexity of your situation. These packages include free suitability checks, 3D iTero scans and teeth whitening gel. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Clear Braces Direct.

What you can expect from our straight teeth at home treatment plan

One of the most exciting developments in teeth straightening treatments, particularly for adult patients, is the introduction of straight teeth at home London treatment plans. At Clear Braces Direct, our straight teeth at home London treatment plans involve the use of Invisalign aligners.


How is Invisalign different

Invisalign is a remarkably advanced tooth-straightening tool that fits seamlessly into modern lifestyles. While it does the same job as traditional braces of repositioning teeth that are misaligned, the device differs in design.

The first difference patients will notice is that there are no metal parts to Invisalign aligners. The aligner aligners are made of clear medical-grade plastic, and this differentiation is what makes the aligners sit comfortably on teeth, minimising irritation to the gums.

The second difference is that the aligners are not fixed to teeth; they can be removed but only for specific purposes, such as having meals or cleaning the mouth. Patients love this feature of Invisalign as it removes food restrictions and makes maintaining oral hygiene easier.

The third difference is that there is no single device to be used throughout treatment. The Invisalign system consists of a series of aligners given to the patient at the start of the treatment plan. It is up to the patient to ensure that they follow the interval change schedule for when a new set of aligners need to be worn.

How does straight teeth at home Londonwith Invisalign work?

Straightening teeth at home with our help is a simple process that comprises three main steps.

The first step is the smile evaluation. All you must do is take a smiling selfie and upload it for evaluation. Using the Invisalign Clincheck system, you will see the end result of your Invisalign treatment plan, so you will know exactly how your new smile will look. You will also have access to a video that details what to expect throughout the treatment process. Once you decide that this is the treatment of choice for you, book a free Invisalign scan to begin the next step.

One of our highly experienced dental practitioners will evaluate your smile using advanced innovative 3D dental scanners. That’s right, no need for messy moulds! The results of this scan will be sent to you for your review, and once we receive your approval, we will send you an online consent form to sign as well as a payment link. When we’ve received your consent and payment, we will order your custom-made Invisalign braces and have them delivered directly to your door. You will also be asked to attend a fitting, and your journey to a beautifully aligned smile then begins.

The third step is to retain the look of your new smile. You can do this by wearing retainers to protect the results of your teeth straightening process. We can give you more information about this.

We have helped more than 7000 patients to achieve happy, straight smiles. We receive excellent ratings from our patients and are the only direct-to-patient provider of Invisalign in the UK. Give us a call at Clear Braces Direct to learn more about how you can straighten your teeth with a treatment plan that effortlessly fits in with your lifestyle.

FAQs regarding straight teeth at home answered

Following the pandemic of 2020, more people than ever before are less than eager to attend medical appointments unless they absolutely have to. This means there has been a larger push for people to use invisible aligners within their own homes, as these do not require frequent dental visits to an orthodontic team.


Luckily, if you are looking to straighten your teeth at home but with the professionalism associated with using an in-clinic orthodontic tool, our team at Clear Braces Direct has the solution for you.

At Clear Braces Direct, we are one of the primary dental surgeries in the UK that utilises Invisalign, and thanks to updates relating to downloadable apps and the orthodontic process itself, you can now get straight teeth at home London using Invisalign.

This is great, but you may have some questions about the feasibility and the process of getting straight teeth at home London. Is it different to having your teeth straightened in the surgery with a metal brace? Read on to find out!

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Much like an aligner being used in a surgery, you will need to initially attend a consultation with our team, so we can assess whether you are suitable for the aligner and whether it can actually help you to get straight teeth at home London. We will be looking at the severity of the misalignment that you have and your overall dental health to ensure that there are no pre-existing conditions that can make this treatment less suitable for you. If all goes well, you will be given the green light by our team to go ahead.

How does it work?

If you are deemed suitable during the initial consultation, our team will take an intraoral scan of your mouth, and the results will then be sent away for a set of aligners to be created. Rather than needing to visit our dental surgery to pick them up and have them fitted, the aligners will be sent straight to your front door along with instructions on how to proceed.

But other than that, it is exactly the same as it would be if you were attending the clinic regularly. You simply change between the aligners when they feel loose and report any issues that you may be having to our team.

Does it take longer than in-clinic assisted options?

If you stick to the standard treatment plan of wearing the aligners for around 22 hours a day, or as long as set down by our team, then no, getting your teeth straightened at home does not take longer than it would if you were regularly seeing our dental team.

Is it more expensive?

No, it is not more expensive than having your teeth straightened with a standard aligner or fitted brace. In actuality, because fewer clinic appointments are required, this option may be more affordable for you. So book an appointment with our team to discuss pricing for your unique case.

Does it work?

The success of any invisible aligner is based on whether the patient adheres to the treatment plan. So, if you stick to wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day and follow our team’s advice, then absolutely, this aligner can work even if you never need to visit our clinic.

5 facts about getting straight teeth at home that you need to know

If you undertook orthodontic treatment as a teenager or child, you probably remember all the need-to-know facts associated with the process.


For instance, your dentist would have probably told you to brush your teeth after meals when wearing a fitted brace and avoid certain foods as they can become stuck to the archwires. If you are now a teenager or adult and have noticed that your teeth are becoming slightly misaligned, then you may be less than eager to use a fitted metal brace again due to some of these dietary and lifestyle restrictions. But there is now an option that will allow you to realign your teeth discreetly: Invisalign!

When it comes to choosing a provider of Invisalign, our team at Clear Braces Direct is experienced with this brand of aligner. We know that if you are a suitable candidate for treatment with Invisalign, you can use it to get straight teeth at home London, which is more convenient for you and saves a lot of trips to our dental surgery.

But Invisalign is different to a standard fitted brace, and if you are using Invisalign to get straight teeth at home London, there are some things about the treatment process that you need to know. So, read on to find out more!

You are in charge!

With a fitted brace, your dentist would be in charge of tightening it and ensuring that it was working. When it comes to getting straight teeth at home London with Invisalign, you are in charge! This means you will be responsible for ensuring that all the aligners are worn in the correct order and fitting correctly, and you will be responsible for sending selfies to our team.

It may cause a twinge

Since an Invisalign aligner is removable, it can be easy to assume that it will not cause any pressure on your mouth. But you need to be aware that the aligner is designed to move your teeth, so it may be slightly uncomfortable, especially when you wear a new aligner in the series. To mitigate this discomfort, use over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

You will need to stay in touch

You will need to keep in regular contact with our team so that we can ensure that the process is working; send our team selfies of your smile once a week using the associated Invisalign app. These weekly updates will allow us to assess whether the treatment is working properly and spot and resolve potential problems

It is pretty quick

Invisalign is a fast-acting aligner and can straighten your teeth in as little as 3 to 6 months. But when you are using it at home, your treatment time will depend on you staying in contact with our team and promptly reporting any issues that may be occurring.

Retainers will be needed

Much like a fitted brace, once the treatment is over, you will be given a custom-made retainer by our team; this will need to be worn to ensure that your teeth stay in their new positions.

A quick guide to getting straight teeth at home

You may not be aware, but in 2022, it is now possible to get the straighter smile that you want and deserve without having to leave your home!


Okay, perhaps technically, that isn’t really true since you will need to attend an initial consultation, but after that, you can simply use an app, send photos and voila!

Your straighter smile will be achievable without you needing to visit a dental surgery. Great!

So if you are looking for a way to straighten your teeth without the hassle of attending multiple dental appointments, then we have a superb solution for you.

At Clear Braces Direct, we are one of the leading providers of Invisalign, and we can help you to get straight teeth at home London provided that you follow the guidelines set down by our team. You can have the straighter smile that you want in as little as 3 to 6 months without needing to take time off work or book dental appointments around social commitments.

But how does this process work? Here, we briefly explain how we can offer straight teeth at home London to our suitable patients.


Earlier, we mentioned an initial consultation; this consultation is actually exceedingly important in the process. If you want to get straight teeth at home London, you will need to attend an appointment with our team so that we can assess your misalignment and determine whether or not it can be treated with Invisalign.

If you are a suitable candidate, we will take an intraoral scan of your mouth, which will be sent away to create your aligners.

Aligners arrive

When the aligners arrive, we will be able to have them sent straight to your door. Once you receive the kit, you will need to wear your aligners in the set order that they come in to ensure that the process works effectively.

The aligners may arrive 6 to 8 weeks after your initial consultation with our team, as the treatment process has to be put through a computer simulation to be created, and the aligners need to be 3D printed.

Daily wear

It is also worth noting that if you want to straighten your teeth at home, you will need to download the Invisalign app. This app will be able to guide you on basic questions about daily wear and also give you access to your unique treatment plan notes as set down by our team. So, be sure to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day or as specified by our team.

Selfie time!

Speaking of the app, you will need to use it to send our team weekly photos of your smile while wearing the aligner, not wearing the aligner and wearing cheek retractors. This will allow us to assess whether the process is working as planned or whether there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.


This is not to say that you are entirely on your own; our team will always be at the end of the phone to answer any concerns you may have. You can also contact us via the Invisalign app if it is not a pressing matter. However, if you lose an aligner, contact us via the phone!

Advantages of straightening your teeth at home

Many people want to get straighter smiles in their adult life but do not want to endure the hassle of going back and forth to dental surgeries to have braces tightened or adjusted. After all, adults have busy lives, could be juggling the commitments of a job and family and may simply not have any spare time to dedicate to this procedure. Luckily, thanks to the advancements in mobile apps and even mobile orthodontics, you can now get the straighter smile you want from the comfort of your own home.


At Clear Braces Direct, we have been helping patients to get straight teeth at home London by sending out custom-made sets of invisible aligners straight to their homes and allowing them to use the associated Invisalign app to stay in contact with our team. That way, we reduce your trips to the surgery and allow you to be more in control of the process.

In this article, we will discuss how getting straight teeth at home London is beneficial, thus allowing you to decide whether or not this is the treatment for you.


Being able to get straight teeth at home London is going to be more convenient than using a traditional brace, which would require you to attend more appointments at a dental surgery. Also, the aligners themselves are very convenient; you simply pop them in and go. They do not need adjusting and will likely need to be changed once every 2 weeks.


Following the pandemic of 2020, many people are concerned about contracting viruses. By having this treatment performed in your own home, you can reduce the chances of coming into contact with people who may have a virus that could make you or members of your family ill. So, it’s a great option if you have an issue with your immune system and want to reduce contact with people as much as possible.

Time saving

Adult life is busy, and the majority of people do not have the time to fit in a range of additional things, such as having their teeth straightened at a dental surgery. By using the at-home option, which we can provide, you will save time, and all you need to do is send our team photos of your smile once a week.


Having this treatment performed in your home is no more expensive than having it performed

in the surgery, and actually, it will save money, especially if you have to catch a bus or travel to our surgery by car.


As mentioned earlier, using invisible aligners in your own home is very straightforward. The aligners come with an associated downloadable app for smartphones, which will allow you to assess and explore any questions that you may have about the treatment overall. But if you have any further questions, feel free to contact our team. The general basis of this treatment involves you wearing clear aligners for two weeks at a time, changing them to the next one in the series and doing so until your teeth are straightened.