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Teeth straightening with the ever-popular Invisalign

If you are unhappy about the appearance of your smile and have finally decided to do something about it, then you need to speak to us at Clear Braces Direct and find out about Invisalign London. Invisalign London is a popular method of teeth straightening that has seen more adults than ever before finally undergo orthodontic treatment. Many people avoid orthodontic treatment when they are younger and regret it later on in life. As an adult most people do not want to wear traditional metal braces, but thanks to the establishment of Invisalign London you do not have to. You can improve the appearance of your smile using clear thermoplastic aligners that work as an alternative to metal wires and brackets found in traditional braces. Invisalign is highly effective at straightening teeth. It can be used for simple aesthetic issues that are affecting the appearance of your teeth and it can also be used for complex orthodontic issues such as bite disorders. Unfortunately where tooth rotation is necessary, Invisalign may not work as a standalone procedure, but our experienced dentists will put together an excellent treatment plan for you.


Here at Clear Braces Direct we have already helped more than 7,000 patients address their unique dental needs. We can help you improve the appearance of your smile in approximately 6 to 18 months depending on how crooked or wonky your teeth are to begin with.

Benefits of Invisalign

There are many reasons why Invisalign is such a popular choice amongst the adult population. To begin with Invisalign is almost invisible. This means you can straighten your teeth at your discretion. You do not have to worry about drawing unwanted attention to your mouth. Next the aligners themselves are comfortable to wear especially in comparison to traditional braces. They are easy to become accustomed to and they feel smooth in the mouth with little or no chance of developing cuts, sores or irritation. The aligners are latex-free and BPA-free and an allergic reaction is almost unheard of. More than 14 million patients across the world have straightened their teeth using Invisalign and there are no reported side effects other than mild irritation in a very low number of cases.

Customised treatment plans with Invisalign

You will receive a customised treatment plan here at Clear Braces Direct. Your aligners will be designed using the latest in digital dental technology and printed and manufactured using 3D printing and precision trimming. This means they fit in your mouth with accuracy and precision. Each aligner is supposed to be tight fitting so that it is able to exert pressure on the teeth and push them towards the desired positions. Each aligner works for approximately two weeks and in this time it will move your teeth by approximately 0.25 millimetres. After the teeth have shifted that particular aligner will no longer work and you have to move on to the next aligner in the series. You continue to do this until you have used up all your aligners. The aligners are numbered for your convenience and we will monitor your progress online to make sure that the process is coming along successfully.

FAQs about Invisalign cost

Most people in 2022 who are looking to undertake orthodontic treatment will have heard about invisible aligners. They are sleek, easy to use and, of course, visually discreet, meaning that they are very popular with adult and teenage dental patients.


But most people are apprehensive about approaching their dental team to undertake this treatment because they fear that the cost will be extortionate and that they simply won’t be able to afford it. This is not the case, but many people want to know what goes into the cost of invisible aligners.

At Clear Braces Direct, we have been working with clear aligners for over ten years and know everything about Invisalign cost London, how to keep it down and how to ensure that you get the most out of the treatment. We will always aim to help you reduce the cost of treatment wherever possible as we know as well as anybody that money doesn’t grow on trees.

So, without further ado, in this FAQ section, we answer common queries about Invisalign cost London and how we will help you to keep it as low as possible.

Are the aligners expensive?

When it comes to orthodontic care in adult life, most of the treatments are expensive, but invisible aligners are considered one of the cheapest options. This is because as a procedure, it takes, on average, 3 to 6 months, requires few, if any, trips to see our team and can be done entirely remotely if desired. So, Invisalign cost London is very low, especially when compared to fixed metal braces.

What is the cost made up of?

The cost of orthodontic treatment is generally made-up of the fitting, the time spent in the dental chair and the equipment used. With invisible aligners, you will still have to undertake an intraoral scan or dental mould, the aligners will have to be printed, and of course, you will need help and advice from our team regarding the treatment. Additionally, if you require any extra help, this will also need to be factored into the final costs.

Are additional aligners extra?

As a side note, if you undertake invisible aligners and damage or lose one of them in the process, it will need to be replaced, so you will need to contact our team to have additional aligners made and sent to you. This will usually cost extra, and while these are being printed, our team recommends wearing the last aligner in the series; do not skip on to the next one.

Is the associated app free?

Yes, the associated downloadable app for smartphones is free, and you can use it at any time to contact us or submit queries about the treatment.

Does your surgery offer funding for this treatment?

At Clear Braces Direct, we do offer funding and financing for the treatment of invisible aligners. However, you will need to pass a credit check and be deemed suitable before we can offer this to you. So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please call us for more information.

Does Invisalign cost too much? A guide to what makes up the price

Do you want to get straighter teeth using aligners but are worried about the overall cost?


At Clear Braces Direct, we know all there is to know about invisible aligners and will always aim to make your realignment process as straightforward as possible. From the initial scan to the overall Invisalign cost London, we will be there to advise you at each step. Great!

So, what exactly makes up the Invisalign cost London?

Initial assessment

The most important part of the realignment process is the initial assessment, during which we will assess whether or not you are suitable for invisible aligners. A large part of the Invisalign cost London lies in the assessment and determination by our team of whether or not you are suitable for the aligners.


Depending on whether you opt to have your aligners printed and used remotely or have our team be more involved, there will be a stage early on in which you will need to have either an intraoral scan or a mould taken. The mould will be sent directly to your home for at-home aligners, but in the clinic, we will use a scan.

An intraoral scan is more precise and involves using a sophisticated piece of equipment, so this may cost a bit more than a dental mould.

Printing the aligners

There have been leaps and bounds the world over regarding the use of 3D printers. And when your scan or mould is taken and the software has decided where the pressure or vector points need to be, this will then be applied to an aligner shape and printed using a 3D printer. The printing, the materials and the expertise involved in this stage are very specialised and will be added to the cost of the procedure. Luckily, this step happens fairly quickly, so you can expect our team to receive your set of aligners within two weeks after the scan.

Updates and advice

It may seem that when you have your teeth straightened using invisible aligners, you are the one doing all the work! You have to switch between aligners, report issues and take photos. But with each photo you send, our team will need to assess the movement of your teeth and offer advice if needed; this, as well as any visits to our clinic for emergency appointments, will be added to the cost of the aligners.

Replacement aligners

There may come a point during your treatment when you lose or break one of your aligners.

Rather than skip on to the next one in the series, which you should not do without the approval of our team, you should contact us to have a replacement made. This process can take up to two weeks, so we advise that you keep all of your previously worn aligners until the process is over; you can wear the last aligner in the series if you lose or damage one. Replacement aligners will usually add to the overall cost of the treatment.

Is the Invisalign cost worth it? What to consider before undertaking Invisible aligners

For most adult patients looking for an easy way to straighten their teeth, it sounds too good to be true: an aligner that is custom-made to slot over teeth like a sports guard, which is more comfortable than fixed braces and offers almost complete discretion. Even those who are closest to you won’t know whether you were undertaking orthodontic care.


But with all these advantages come some responsibilities, which many patients do not consider before approaching our dental team for invisible aligners.

At Clear Braces Direct, we have been working with patients to help them get the straighter smiles they want using invisible aligners for over five years. We can help you consider all aspects of this treatment, from Invisalign cost London to the responsibilities you will have relating to the treatment and, of course, the aftercare; you will not go into this procedure blind.

With that in mind, what are some of the factors you need to consider along with Invisalign cost London and the timeline of the treatment?

The cost

We have been harping on about Invisalign cost London, but it’s not for the reason you think. Many people assume that invisible aligners will be overly expensive and that they cannot afford them. But concerning other forms of adult orthodontic care, invisible aligners are deemed to be one of the most affordable options available to help you get the straighter smile you want without costing the earth.

The daily wear

For invisible aligners to work, you will need to consider how often they need to be worn and whether this is feasible for you, given your daily routines and career. Our dental team recommends that you wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, depending on your clinical case. If you do not do this, it is highly likely that your realignment process will stall or that your teeth will move back to their previous positions.

The maintenance

You will also need to keep the aligners in good condition and clean. You must rinse them a minimum of twice a day under a cold water tap, remove any debris from them with a toothbrush and ensure that when they’re not in your mouth, they’re in a carry case. If the aligners are not kept in good condition, they can cause secondary complications such as gum disease and tooth decay and may even warp out of shape.

The responsibility

You will be responsible for ensuring that your aligners are worn as directed, you change between them when you need to and you stay in touch with our team using the associated app to send selfies. For some people, this is a lot of responsibility, and if you feel this would be too much but still want a smile without the hassle, you may be able to use a clear brace.

The aftercare

Once the treatment is completed, you will need to wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from reverting to their previous positions. If you fail to do this, you may find the entire treatment as useful as a chocolate kettle!

How Invisalign cost is determined

Many patients interested in the removable clear-braces system will be wondering whether the Invisalign cost London is worth the investment in a new smile. Researchers have long been spouting the merits of a happy, straight smile for oral health and mental well-being. If you really think about it, the value of an aesthetically pleasing and aligned smile is priceless.


It is the smile that makes the difference in forming a good first impression. Without a winning smile to help you, it can be incredibly difficult to succeed in maintaining a healthy social life or advancing your career.

At Clear Braces Direct, we know that Invisalign cost London can affect the patient’s decision on what treatment plan they choose. We also know the benefits of this remarkable alignment-correcting tool, which is why the pricing of our treatment plans is focused on making Invisalign more affordable.

In this post, we look at the factors that affect Invisalign cost London.

Significant factors affecting the cost of Invisalign treatment

The first factor that determines the cost of your Invisalign treatment plan is the complexity of your dental misalignment; this is because the complexity of your oral situation directly impacts the number of aligners needed to correct the issue.

The Invisalign treatment plan does not consist of just a single tooth-correcting device affixed to teeth. This orthodontic system is different; it makes use of several aligner trays that need to be worn throughout the treatment plan.

Each custom-made aligner tray holds intuitive technologies that shift teeth in incremental movements towards the desired positions. The exact number of aligner trays needed can only be determined once the patient’s mouth is scanned and assessed for suitability. The more complex the issue is, the more aligner trays required.

Another common factor that influences what a patient pays for their Invisalign treatment is the duration of treatment. Due to the smart technologies that are integrated into Invisalign aligners, this type of treatment can yield results within a shorter time.

Patients can spend as little as four to six months on Invisalign to get stunning smiles, but this depends heavily on the complexity of their cases. Minor dental alignment issues require fewer sets of Invisalign trays to be worn and thus a shorter treatment duration.

For these short-duration treatment plans to be successful, it is imperative to follow all our dentist’s terms of use to the tee. Adhering to the recommended wear time of the aligner trays is non-negotiable. The fact is that the aligner trays can do their jobs only if they sit on the teeth. The longer they are out of the mouth, the less time they have to align the teeth.

We appreciate the fact that not all patients are in the position to make a once-off payment for their Invisalign aligners. For patients needing to make use of financing facilities, we offer 0% financing options and extended payment plans of up to 36 months. For more information on our financing facilities, please reach out to us at Clear Braces Direct.

What forms part of the Invisalign cost treatment plan with Clear Braces Direct?

Would you like a more aligned smile but are worried about the Invisalign cost London? You are not alone. Many patients may have second thoughts when they hear of the Invisalign cost London, but the investment in a confident smile is a worthwhile one.


A good-looking smile opens the doors of opportunities and is the key to making positive first impressions. Others are more likely to attach positive traits to the wearer of an aesthetically-pleasing smile – you may be deemed intelligent, kind, friendly, approachable and likely to be successful if you can smile with confidence. Anyone with the desire to find success in the workplace or social settings will want to invest in their smile.

At Clear Braces Direct, we aim to help you realise your smile goals. We offer various treatment plan packages, fantastic pricing and financing plan options to ease the burden of Invisalign cost London.

This post covers what our at-home treatment plans cover and what is included in the Invisalign cost.

What to expect with the at-home treatment with Clear Braces Direct

Once your smile is scanned with our 3D Invisalign iTero scanner and your suitability for our at-home treatment plan is assessed, we will have a better idea of the complexity of your case. It is the complexity of your case that will ultimately decide what your treatment plan will cost.

There are three distinct package options that we offer: Lite, Comprehensive Simple and Comprehensive Complex.

The Lite package is suited to mild to moderate misalignment issues. We use up to 14 aligners to address issues with the six highly noticeable teeth at the front.

Patients with mild to advanced misalignment cases can look at the Comprehensive Simple package; this plan consists of 15 to 25 aligners.

The third option, which targets a wider range of misalignment concerns, including overcrowding, underjet and multiple malocclusion problems (bite issues), is the Comprehensive Complex plan. This plan accommodates patients who need more than 25 aligners to give them the smile they want.

There are several items (some offered free) that are included in our packages that make them better value for money.

The free items include the suitability assessment, 3D iTero scan, incisal contouring and teeth whitening gel. We save patients time and money by removing the need for countless trips to our clinic to monitor treatment progress and manual adjustments. Instead, we make use of a dental monitoring app to track progress and keep in touch with patients.

Patients interested in correcting the alignment of their teeth should know that they will need to wear retainers to retain the appearance of their newly acquired smile. Refinement aligners are offered free, although a small processing fee is applicable.

For patients who cannot afford the once-off payment, we have finance facilities available, from 0% plans to long-term payment plans of a maximum of 36 months.

At Clear Braces Direct, we have Invisalign Diamond-Apex-level qualified dentists to oversee patients’ treatment. Give us a call today to find out more about our treatment plans and what we do.

What to know about Invisalign cost with Clear Braces Direct

When it comes to teeth straightening devices, there is a myriad of options available for patients to consider: fixed braces (both traditional and invisible) and removable aligners. How do patients decide which teeth straightening tool to choose to give them the smile they are after? In addition to the positives of each device, patients will be interested in how much each treatment plan will cost.


The benefits of removable discreet aligners are hard to ignore. Once patients learn that with Invisalign, there are many sought-after benefits, the choice becomes an easy one; this then leaves the matter of the price of treatment.

At Clear Braces Direct, we know that the Invisalign cost London is a factor many patients worry about. The actual Invisalign cost London of your treatment plan will depend on the complexity of your individual case. We offer various packages designed to cover mild, moderate and severe cases of misalignment.

We take a look at what is involved in determining the Invisalign cost London to straighten teeth at home.

What does the price of your Invisalign treatment plan cover?

Your Invisalign treatment plan with Clear Braces Direct provides you with a free suitability check, free Invisalign 3D iTero scan, incisal contouring with advanced Invisalign technology and weekly monitoring of your progress by a highly experienced and Invisalign-trained ‘Diamond Apex’ level dental practitioner.

There are three different package options available: Lite, Comprehensive Simple and Comprehensive Complex.

The Lite option comprises a maximum of 14 aligners and is suitable for patients with mild to moderate misalignment issues. The plan is also known to focus on straightening the social 6 – these are the highly visible front six teeth.

The Comprehensive Simple package consists of 15 to 25 aligners; this option is great for patients with mild to advanced cases.

The Comprehensive Complex package plan is aimed at correcting a larger array of dental alignment problems, including various bite problems, overcrowding and overjet. To correct these issues, this package includes more than 25 aligners.

Patients wanting to straighten their teeth with Invisalign can do so with our stress-free treatment financing options. You have a choice between interest-free finance or spreading the cost of your Invisalign treatment over a long-term payment of up to 36 months.

Invisalign remains a popular choice for patients all over the world. Patients love that this tooth correcting system fits in easily with busy lifestyles, is discreet, is more comfortable and gentle on gums and allows them to eat a wide array of foods without fear of damaging the trays.

It is not just the ability to smile a wide winning smile that makes Invisalign a worthwhile investment; there are plenty of health benefits attached to straightening teeth that are worth considering too.

Are you interested in investing in your smile and using Invisalign? Don’t let the cost of treatment stand in your way. At Clear Braces Direct, we have treatment financing options available to help you get the smile you want. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

What goes into Invisalign cost? A guide

If you have attended a dental check-up in the last 2 to 3 years, it’s highly likely that in your dental surgery waiting room you will have seen a poster about invisible aligners.


This is because the majority of dental surgeries offer them and, for reasons that are fairly straightforward, this option is exceedingly popular for many dental patients who are looking to straighten their teeth in adulthood. However, you may have heard that this treatment is rather expensive and you may have concerns that you will not be able to afford it, even though you feel you could genuinely benefit from it.

Our team at Clear Braces Direct is always happy to discuss the breakdown of Invisalign cost London to help you understand where the cost of the treatment is going and which areas can allow for a bit more wiggle room, to make the process more affordable for you. So, if you want to get straighter teeth as an adult using invisible aligners, but worry you can’t afford them, simply contact our team for more information.

So what is included in Invisalign cost London? More than you may think, but read on to find out!

The consultation

When it comes to determining if you are suitable for invisible aligners, you’ll need to attend a consultation with our team. Here, we will assess the condition of your oral health and the severity of your dental misalignment. If we feel that you are suitable, we will then begin to discuss Invisalign cost London with you and you will note that the consultation and the intraoral scan are included.

The creation of the aligners

The aligners themselves are fairly cheap as they are simply printed using digital software and a 3D printer. This will also make up some of the costs of the overall treatment and if you require any aligners to be reprinted at any point during the treatment, this could include some additional costs.

The ‘check-ups’

When you have invisible aligners, you will not need to attend as many dental appointments as you would if you were wearing a standard fitted brace. However, you will still need to see your team every 8 to 12 weeks on average and these check-ups or consultations will be included in the overall cost of the aligners.

Additional aligners

If you lose many of the aligners, or a lot of them become damaged, then any additional aligners will likely cost a little bit more. This is because the initial shape will need to be resent to the dental laboratory to have it reprinted. This will also likely include a visit to see our team to ensure that the new aligners fit correctly.


Once you have finished using the aligners, you will need to wear a retainer which is typically free. But, once again, if it becomes lost or damaged, any additional retainers will be added to the final cost. It is worth noting that once the retainers are off, if your teeth begin to revert to their previous positions, we may be able to provide you with add-on aligners but the number that needs to be printed will impact the final cost.

Worried about Invisalign cost? Practical concerns explored

When you are an adult who is looking to undertake a realignment journey, it is likely that you will want an option which will have as little impact on your daily life as possible.


Adult life is already tricky enough without having to schedule multiple orthodontic appointments and undertaking the potential discomfort of wearing a fitted brace. Luckily, in the last 10 years, an option has come to light which has allowed adult patients to straighten their teeth with as little disruption as possible, known as invisible aligners.

When you come to Clear Braces Direct, our team will be happy to discuss with you the likelihood of you being suitable to be treated with this aligner. We will also cover all areas of it with you, such as Invisalign cost London, daily wear and how to manage the potential discomfort that the aligner may cause. Thus, allowing you to have everything planned out and be informed as to what to expect from this treatment.

In this article, we will aim to explore 5 practical aspects of using this aligner, from Invisalign cost London to how long it will take, and of course, how you can best manage any discomfort that it may cause.


Invisalign cost London is one of the biggest concerns that many of our patients have and you will be happy to know that when it is compared to the cost of standard fitted braces, this option is actually relatively affordable. This is because it requires so few visits to see our team and there is no adjustment or tightening of the aligner required. Therefore, the cost will be minimal and we are also happy to offer financing options to our suitable patients.


This aligner also offers the benefit of being quicker than fitted braces, and you can get the straighter smile you want in around 3 to 8 months, depending on the severity of the misalignment being treated and depending on whether or not you follow our team’s advice relating to daily wear. So, it won’t take years and years to get a straighter smile!


If you’re in a meeting, the last thing you want to do is rush out to take pain relief. It is true that invisible aligners will apply gradual pressure to your teeth and gently push them into the desired position. However, this should not be overly uncomfortable and should be manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. If it is excessively sore, call our team for help.


Another practical aspect to consider is the discretion that this aligner offers. As it is made from clear plastic, nobody will be able to notice you are wearing it, even your closest friends and colleagues. So, you will not have to feel self-conscious when having your teeth straightened.

Ease of use

This aligner is easy to fit into daily life, as you don’t need to attend multiple appointments with our team and you can take it out and put it in as and when you require. Just be sure to wear it for 22 hours a day. To keep it clean, all you need to do is rinse it under a cold-water tap.

Worried about Invisalign cost? Advantages of at-home aligners

If you are an adult with misaligned teeth, you may have heard about the ongoing trend of people obtaining the straighter smiles they want without leaving their front doors!


While this concept is relatively new to the orthodontic world, it has helped many adults get the great-looking smiles that they want without having to leave their homes. This means that there are many more advantages offered over standard orthodontic treatments that you may find in dental surgeries.

When you come to us at Clear Braces Direct, our team will be able to highlight many advantages of using Invisalign aligners at home. Invisalign cost London and convenience are two of the core benefits that you will notice, but there are a few more that we would be happy to discuss with you. So read on to find out.

Of course, for this process to work, you need to be a suitable candidate for treatment with Invisalign aligners and have a mild to moderate case of dental misalignment. But what are some of the other advantages that accompany Invisalign cost London to make this one of the most convenient orthodontic options?


Yes, we know we have gone on about it a lot, but Invisalign cost London is one of the core advantages of this aligner brand overall. As Invisalign aligners are designed to be worn for around 3 to 6 months for average patients and require few appointments with our dental team, you will notice that the cost of undertaking this treatment is substantially reduced, especially when compared to fixed metal braces. Therefore, you can easily get the straighter smile you want without breaking the bank.

Easy to use

You may be concerned that getting a straighter smile while at home may be more difficult to manage without the help of a dental team. However, the associated Invisalign app will have all the answers to common questions that you may have. If you need more specific advice, feel free to contact our team via our website or phone.

Short treatment time

Another advantage of Invisalign is that it offers a shorter treatment time, especially when compared to fitted metal braces, which can take up to 3 years to straighten teeth. Invisalign can do the same process in as little as 3 to 6 months, provided that you follow the advice set down by our team.

Time saving

And it is not only the treatment time that saves you a few hours in your day! As the entire treatment can be done at home, you will not need to worry about frequently seeing a dentist for tightening sessions. Contacting us via the app will save you time and be more convenient, especially if you have a busy schedule.


This is not to say that you are entirely on your own when using this aligner. Our team will always be on hand to support you when you have queries or concerns about the use of Invisalign aligners. Simply call us or contact us via the app!