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6632+ Successful Cases
Successful Cases
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Clear Braces Direct

We have completed 5,000+ Invisalign cases, which makes us Diamond Invisalign Providers the highest tier awarded by Align.

6632 Successful Invisalign Cases

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About Clear Braces Direct

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We have brought together a group of Diamond and Platinum Elite Invisalign Dentists and Orthodontists who have personally improved the smiles of over 4800+ patients.

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At Clear Braces Direct we ONLY use Invisalign aligners. The World's Leading Clear Aligner Brand!


Invisalign is recognised as the World's Premium Clear Aligner with over 8 Million Smiles created World Wide!

Patient Aligner

We are the ONLY Direct to Patient Aligner Company that uses Invisalign aligners.


Unlike other lab - made aligners, Invisalign aligners are machine made (not hand finished), are contoured around the gums which means they are a more custom fit, are more comfortable, more effective and therefore make better whitening trays!


We offer replacement retainers for life for £9.99 a month via our 'Retainer for Life Program.


Clear Braces Direct London is brought to you by the same fantastic team as Cannon Street Dental Centre, which is located on Dowgate Hill, handy to Cannon Street Station. We're a modern practice committed to ensuring that you remember your experience for the high quality of the dentistry and the outstanding patient care. To that end we are constantly refreshing our technology and knowledge for your benefit.

Our Story
Dr Jasbinder Singh
Dr Graham Tinkler

Dr Graham Tinkler and Dr Jas Singh have worked with Invisalign for over 12 years. In fact they were some of the first dentists in the UK to be using this innovative Clear Aligner system.

Together Dr Tinkler and Dr Singh have successfully improved the smiles of over 4800+ patients, more than any other group in the UK.

This work has culminated in the creation of Clear Braces Direct, which identifies that not all cases are the same. Many cases can be treated with a more 'hands off' approach.

We use the latest scanning techniques, 3D modelling and dental monitoring apps to oversee the treatment whilst keeping the number of appointments to a minimum.

This reduction in unnecessary appointments not only saves the client time, but money as well.

Try our suitability test today and let Graham and Jas create the smile you have always wanted!

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Maintain consistent contact with Clear Braces Direct, using the Daily Monitoring app on iOS and Android, you can capture your treatment progress, communicate with us, and receive instructions.
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Thanks to automated or live messaging, we can control your treatment journey remotely and guide you through all stages of your progress.
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