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Get the freedom to discreetly align your smile with Clear Braces Direct in London

Clearly a smart decision


Here at Clear Braces Direct London, we want everyone out there to know about their orthodontic options and the fact that we can offer them an opportunity to quickly and effectively align their smiles – without the need for them to make numerous and lengthy trips to our practice. We understand that life is hectic, and with the unprecedented nature of the past year being the perfect example – you never know what is around the corner.

This is why we have decided to take the Invisalign retainer system, which is one of the world’s most popular forms of cosmetic orthodontics, and streamline it to the point where almost every stage in the process can be carried out from the comfort of your home and at a pace which suits you.

What is treatment at Clear Braces Direct London like?

When a patient chooses our highly respected orthodontic practice here at Clear Braces Direct London for their dental journey, one of the main reasons they have for doing so is the freedom and flexibility which our approach offers them.

Rather than committing to several repeat visits to the dentist’s chair to monitor the success of your treatment, we only require our patients to make one initial visit to our practice, to have their Invisalign retainer created using digitised cutting-edge equipment which negates the need for any physical moulds to be taken. This also enables us to give a virtual rendering of the path your teeth will take step by step to being aligned and the results you can expect from your treatment.

After this, patients can then return home and can have their unique retainers sent out in the post, meaning they are free to carry out the teeth-straightening process at home. We offer the initial consultation to anyone who is interested in Invisalign free of charge, and utilise 3D dental scanners amongst other equipment such as the Invisalign Clincheck to display to patients exactly how their teeth will move whilst undergoing Invisalign and what their smile will look like when treatment is complete.

Following the initial consultation that explains the Invisalign process, our practitioners can then carry out scans in order to get the sizes and proportions needed to craft your bespoke retainer sets. Once scanned,  we will then email you the results for your approval alongside a payment link. After we have received confirmation we can post you out your unique Invisalign retainers, or arrange for you to come back to our practice for a fitting.

What happens once I’ve got my aligners?

The beauty of the Invisalign process is that, once your retainer has been made, there is very little else which needs to be done in terms of monitoring. However, in order to make sure that everything is on track we have created our very own mobile app which is available on all leading Android and Apple smartphone devices.

This system, named the Clear Braces Direct Monitoring App, lets you instantly communicate with one of our certified Invisalign experts through its chat function – which lets you get instant feedback from a professional, without having to schedule yourself in for a check-up needlessly.

Uncover the easiest way to correct crooked teeth with clear braces in London

What are the benefits of clear braces with us?


The world of orthodontics is one that has made significant advances over recent years – both in terms of how treatments achieve straighter smiles and the impact that they have on how patients look. Here at Clear Braces Direct London, we’ve taken the next massive leap in orthodontics and have brought clear braces into the 21st century by streamlining and digitalising the entire process, so results can be monitored easily on a mobile app and patients can see fully rendered and realistic digital image of what their smile will look like after they’ve finished their treatments.

What does the process of getting clear braces involve?

Here at Clear Braces Direct London, we recognise the increasing unpredictability and hectic nature of our modern lives and know that it is often difficult to commit to regular orthodontic visits. As such, we’ve made every part of the clear braces process – which uses Invisalign dental aligners – entirely digital and remote, besides the initial 3D scan which is carried out within our practice free of charge.

By offering adults and patients of all ages the ability to arrange and carry out Invisalign treatment without the need to commit to regular orthodontic visits we’ve made it possible for countless busy patients to quickly and discreetly align their smiles and improve their oral health from home.

The first stage, for anyone who is interested in aligning their smile conveniently from home through us here at Clear Braces Direct London, is to arrange for a free-of-charge scan by uploading your selfies for us to evaluate and arranging a time that suits you.

This free consultation, which is carried out at our practices in either London or Newcastle, involves the use of cutting-edge 3D scanners which can produce accurate renderings of your tooth shape and structure – without the need for any moulds to be taken.

This rendering lets you see exactly how your teeth will shift throughout your Invisalign treatment, as well as the timeframe in which this will happen. We can also provide you with an exact quote at this point to allow for complete transparency in terms of cost.

You can also see an accurate visualisation of what your smile will look like after you’ve completed treatment, and we will send you a detailed video that explains the entire Invisalign process and what you can expect.

What happens after the consultation?

Should you be persuaded to carry out Invisalign treatment with us after your free, non-committal consultation we will then send you out the results of your Invisalign scan for you to review. Provided that you approve of what you see we will then send you out a payment link for the treatments alongside an online consent form. After these have been filled out we will send you your custom-made Invisalign aligner, or should you wish, arrange for you to have them fitted within our practice.

After this, you can then carry out the Invisalign treatment at home, and monitor the progress of your treatment in live time through our Clear Braces Monitoring App which allows you to communicate with us easily and negates the need for any further in-house appointments.

Clear Braces Direct; Invisalign survival tips

Are you new to using Invisalign aligners and in need of a bit of guidance on how to look after them?


At Clear Braces Direct London, our team knows all there is to know about invisible aligners and can offer you advice and survival tips for those first few weeks of use. Great!

Here, our team at Clear Braces Direct London discusses how to look after your aligners to maximise the realignment process and keep your teeth healthy, so enjoy!

Keep them clean

A key piece of advice that our team at Clear Braces Direct London will typically provide to those who are beginning the process of using Invisalign is to keep them clean.

This will not only help with the ‘invisible’ aspect of the aligner but also keep your teeth and gums healthy as you won’t be pushing food debris against them.

To keep your aligners clean, simply rinse them under a cold tap; do not use hot water to clean them, and refrain from using mouthwashes as this can stain the plastic.

Time yourself

These aligners are removable, and as such, you would have to wear them for around 22 hours a day.

The best way to stick to this limit (as obvious as it sounds) is to time yourself. If you leave the aligners out of your mouth for more than 2 hours a day, you can delay the process and even cause your teeth to revert to their former positions.

Take pain relief

You may have heard that Invisalign is a pain-free way to straighten your teeth.

Whilst we are aware that it uses gentle pushing motions as opposed to pulling teeth, it can still cause some discomfort. This is usually the most evident when you have just switched between aligners and have to adjust.

To mitigate these sensations, it may be wise to invest in some over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. If you experience too much discomfort at any time, please talk to our team.

Use the app!

It seems that nowadays there is an app for everything, and the same can be said for realigning your teeth!

When you use these aligners, you will be given access to an associated app, which will allow you to send our team selfies of your smile so that we can assess how the aligners are working.

Should we feel that you need to come in to have an appointment based on any of the photos that you send, we will inform you and book you in.

Keep appointments

It goes without saying that these aligners are nifty and lifestyle friendly. However, that does not mean that you won’t need to see our team; we estimate that when you use Invisalign, you will require an appointment once every 6-8 weeks, just so we can check on how the process is going.

So, to help us maximise the effectiveness of the aligners and keep an eye out for problems, try to attend all the appointments made for you.

Clear Braces Direct; advantages of Invisalign

Do you want to get a straighter smile without the hassle of wearing a fitted metal brace as an adult?


At Clear Braces Direct London, we can help. We specialise in removable, clear aligners such as Invisalign, which can provide fast results for an affordable price!

In this article, our team will introduce you to some of the other advantages of using Clear Braces Direct London to get the straighter smile that you deserve. Enjoy!


As before, a key advantage of using Clear Braces Direct London is that we specialise in the Invisalign aligner.

And, as you may have heard, this aligner is not only visually discreet, but it is also removable. Why is that an advantage? Because it means you won’t have to worry about dietary restrictions like corn on the cob, you can take it out to brush your teeth and you can even attend dental checkups. Great!


It is worth remembering that Invisalign is designed to move your teeth into new positions.

But, it does this in a different way to regular braces and does not pull on your teeth to achieve this goal. It gently pushes them, and, as it is made from smooth plastic, it is physically more comfortable to wear at night or during the day, making it more appealing to adults and teenagers.

Fast results

As an adult, you may have concerns that any orthodontic process is going to be long-winded.

But, if our team gives the green light for you to undertake Invisalign, you may be able to have that straighter smile that you want in as little as 3 months! On average, this aligner takes between 3-6 months to straighten teeth, so it may not take as long as you think.

Lifestyle friendly

If you had a friend in high school who wore traditional braces, you probably remember them having to attend checkups every few weeks to have their braces adjusted and altered. Not only that, but they probably also had to visit their hygienist to ensure that their teeth were not succumbing to plaque that could get stuck behind the brace.

As an adult, this may be slightly inconvenient as you may have work and family commitments. With Invisalign, you do not need to have the aligner adjusted; you only need to attend (on average) a single appointment every 6-8 weeks and send us photos of your smile so that we can see how the treatment is progressing.

Improved oral health

One of the key things that concern adult patients about wearing a fitted brace is that it is going to be hard to clean and maintain.

After all, it is adhered to the teeth and can act as a magnet for food and debris, which can cause decay and increase the chances of you developing gum disease. With Invisalign, you can remove the aligner at any time, allowing you to clean your teeth as you usually would whilst also not having to worry about dietary restrictions.

In turn, this allows you to straighten your teeth without having to worry about your dental health being affected. Brilliant!

Advantages of Invisalign from Clear Braces Direct

When it comes to orthodontic correction, most adults want a subtle aligner or brace that can get real results.


And when you come to see our experienced team at Clear Braces Direct London, we can offer you just that with the world-famous Invisalign aligner.

Here, our team at Clear Braces Direct London breaks down some of the top reasons to undertake treatment with Invisalign.


When used correctly, our team at Clear Braces Direct London can straighten your smile using Invisalign with minimal to no long-term issues with reversion.

Studies have found that clear aligners are just as effective at correcting dental misalignments as braces and can now be used to correct a wider range of problems, such as overbites, underbites and even spacing in the right clinical situations. Perfect!


Being an adult is challenging at the best of times, let alone when you have a metal brace attached to the front of your teeth.

And while many people have no issue with such a scenario, if you work in a job where you need to give talks etc, it can be trickier to manage. By wearing Invisalign, you can give your talks, go on dates and even play sports without anyone knowing that you are undertaking orthodontic treatment. Great!

Time saving

Invisalign is renowned (and popular) for being able to deliver fast results concerning orthodontic realignment.

When wearing this aligner, the average time of use ranges from 3-6 months, maybe extending to 18 months for severe cases. But when compared to other orthodontic tools, this is extremely quick!

But, you will have to ensure that you keep the aligners in for the time required each day (usually 22+ hours) or else, your progress with realignment may slow down.


There are many ways in which using a clear aligner can improve your oral hygiene, especially when compared to a brace.

For one thing, whenever you remove Invisalign to eat, our team will advise that you give your teeth a quick scrub with a toothbrush, to remove any potentially harmful plaque and food debris. This will reduce the incidence of tooth decay forming due to these being pressed against the teeth by the aligner and, of course, it will also improve your oral hygiene.

When compared to a fitted brace, there is also less required to ensure that your teeth receive the correct level of cleaning; you simply remove the aligners, brush, floss and rinse, and then return them to your mouth.


Suppose you have a minor misalignment or a gap in your smile, you may be wondering how this could cause issues with your finances long term.

Over time, your teeth will move and without treatment, that minor misalignment may move and can lead to issues with plaque accumulation and even decay. And of course, along with those issues come the costs of restorative procedures such as fillings or, in extreme cases, extractions. This may then lead to costly restoratives, such as dentures or even oral implants. So, by using Invisalign to correct that mild misalignment or gap, you may be saving yourself a lot of money in the long term.

A guide to Invisalign from Clear Braces Direct

Do you want a straighter smile without the hassle of braces and dental appointments?


At Clear Braces Direct London, we can help you get that straighter smile you want from the comfort of your own home with the help of dental professionals.

Here, our team at Clear Braces Direct London offers you a brief guide about Invisalign aligners, so read on and enjoy!

Who is suitable for Invisalign?

When this aligner was first created, more people were suited for it than weren’t. And today, that hasn’t changed!

When you come to Clear Braces Direct London, we will assess your suitability for Invisalign with a free scan; this will enable us to see the inside of your mouth more clearly than we would be able to with a dental mould.

But before we do this, we will need you to send us a selfie of your smile via our website. By looking at this, our team will be able to make a judgement as to whether or not you will be suited for Invisalign; if we deem you to be suited, we will invite you into one of our centres for a scan. If not, we will recommend that you wear a different type of brace to begin your dental realignment.

In short, if you have a mild to moderate misalignment with your front teeth, and you don’t need to have any of your molars moved, then it is likely you will be suitable for Invisalign.

Daily wear

OK, so once you have your Invisalign kit, you will need to wear the aligners in a set succession for them to be effective.

With each aligner (assuming there is no damage or loss), you will need to wear it for roughly 2 weeks. When it starts to feel loose, then it is time to move on to the next aligner in the set.

By this point, you will probably know that Invisalign is removable and so, you may be curious as to how long each day you need to leave it in for. Our team will usually advise that you keep the aligner in your mouth for 22 hours per day. Failure to adhere to this may result in delays in the realignment process.


Now, on to the cleaning!

As Invisalign is not fixed to your teeth, it is easier to clean than a standard brace and does not require you to invest in interdental brushes and other bits.

To clean your Invisalign aligners, you have to first rinse them under a tap to remove any debris or food; make sure that the water coming out of this tap is cool, as hot water can cause them to warp.

Simply use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove stubborn debris and, if necessary, you may want to invest in some Invisalign cleaning crystals to keep them clean and clear.


With this aligner, the need for check-ups is reduced and you can send our team selfies via the Invisalign app so we can keep tabs on your progress.

If we feel that the aligner is not working correctly, we will invite you into one of our centres for a check-up and assessment.


So, you’ve worn the aligner and now your smile is straightened. Congratulations!

Now is the time where we will send you a retainer, to help keep your teeth in place and to prevent reversion. Please wear it!

FAQs about Invisalign answered by Clear Braces Direct

Are you curious if Invisalign can help correct those irritating gaps in your smile? Do you want the ability to use this aligner in your own home without having to constantly attend dental check-ups?


At Clear Braces Direct London, we can help! We are a leading provider of Invisalign and can see you through the entire process. From scans to retainers, we allow you to use this aligner in your own home, helping you to get on with your life while straightening your teeth.

Here, our team at Clear Braces Direct London answers 5 FAQs that we regularly receive about Invisalign for your information.

Am I suitable for Invisalign?

You are more likely to be suitable for Invisalign than unsuitable.

Our team at Clear Braces Direct London have helped over 6,000 people to get the straighter smile they wanted using this aligner and provided that you have a mild to moderate misalignment, but have good overall oral health, you will probably be able to begin treatment.

If I am suited, what happens next?

If we deem you to be suitable for Invisalign, we will invite you into one of our clinics for a free 3D scan of your teeth.

Once we have done this, we will send these images to a dental laboratory, which will then print your aligners using a 3D printer. After about 4-6 weeks, we will have the aligners sent straight to your door, so you can use them at home right away!

We will advise you to download our app to your smartphone too. That way, you can regularly send us selfies of your smile and we can assess how the aligners are working, without you having to come into the surgery.

How long will the treatment take?

This will depend on the severity of the misalignment being treated.

In most cases that warrant the use of Invisalign, the treatment will take between 3-6 months. However, we have had a few cases that have gone to 9 months and beyond. In order for our patients to get the most out of their aligners, we advise them to keep them in their mouths for 22 hours per day. If you fail to do this, then the procedure will likely suffer, there will probably be delays and your teeth may even revert back into their former positions.

To avoid this, keep them in and if you have any concerns, contact our team.

Do the aligners hurt?

Even though a nearly invisible aligner has been created, we are not yet able to make them completely comfortable when they move your teeth. Sorry!

Remember, that with Invisalign, each aligner is custom-fitted to your teeth, and thus it simply slots over them at each stage. Unlike regular braces which use a pulling force to move teeth, Invisalign gently pushes your teeth into the desired location. So, less force equates to less discomfort overall!

Will I be able to afford them?

Very possibly!

We know that money doesn’t grow on trees and as a result, we are able to offer our suitable patients a 0% interest-free finance option for 36 months. This will allow you to spread the cost of your new smile, helping you get and retain the straighter smile you have always wanted.

Our process for straighter smiles at Clear Braces Direct

In recent years, you may have heard of an interesting development in the area of adult orthodontics or braces. Steadily growing in popularity, more and more people who may have busy work schedules are once again turning to the internet to solve their orthodontic woes, which is where our team based in London can help.


Providing customised aligners via the post, we have been able to help many people get the straighter smile they want, without the inconvenience of attending dental appointments, allowing our patients to take things at their own pace.

At Clear Braces Direct London, we believe that orthodontics should be available for everyone and it is our mission to make as many people feel as good about their smiles as possible. Providing Invisalign aligners via the post, we can help a wider demographic of people, all the while monitoring them using apps and selfies.

So, when you come to Clear Braces Direct London, what should you expect from our expert team? What is the overall process that we use to straighten teeth? Read on to find out!


OK, so like many things linked to Invisalign, it all begins with a photo!

At Clear Braces Direct London, we use the initial selfie of your smile to assess if you would be suitable for treatment with these aligners or not. Then, if we think you are suitable, you will be invited to our clinic for a free Invisalign scan. This will involve our team using an intraoral scanner to map the positions of your teeth at the start of the treatment, so we can then assess how best to move them using the aligners. 

The aligners

It is worth noting here that even though we offer a free Invisalign 3D scan, you are under no obligation to undertake the treatment with us. You can go where you wish to if you are in any way unhappy with our services!

But, should you wish to continue your journey with us, post-scan, we will send off the images to a laboratory that will then create the aligners.

Made from firm but also malleable plastic, these aligners usually come in packs of 14 (depending on the severity of the misalignment) and you will need to wear them in the precise order, each one for around 2 weeks.

Our team differs as, rather than receiving the aligners to our surgery and asking you to come in, they are sent straight to you, allowing your Invisalign journey to begin sooner. So, immediately they arrive, pop them in and your journey can begin!


As mentioned earlier, our surgery has a monitoring app for these aligners, which will save you time and money from needing to attend check-ups.

All we ask is that once a week (or more if we request) you take a photo of your teeth and send it to our team with our app. Our team will be able to review the images and make suggestions if needed or call you in for an appointment. Simple! To begin using Invisalign at home, call our team today!

Why should you try Clear Braces Direct?

We started Clear Braces Direct to make straightening teeth more accessible and convenient for patients. We have found that many adult patients tend to put off their smile goals because their current schedules (work or social) won’t allow for too many dental appointments to fit in. These patients may go their entire lives unhappy with their crooked smiles, and there’s very little that can deflate confidence like an unsatisfactory smile does.


Why let an unattractive smile get in the way of you living your best life when you have access to Clear Braces Direct London?

Our direct-to-patient aligner service frees up time. With Clear Braces Direct London, patients can straighten their teeth at home using a seamless approach that is as efficient as it is effective. Does this sound like something worth investigating? This is just the start of what can be an amazing, life-changing journey. Read on to find out more.

Reasons to choose Clear Braces Direct London


Experience is largely a numbers game and this counts in our favour. We are pleased to say that we have helped close to 6000 patients towards a better-looking smile.This amazing feat gives us a Diamond Invisalign Provider status.

Since we only use Invisalign aligner treatment plans, we can argue to be a leading Invisalign provider. With this wealth of experience under the belt, patients can take comfort in the assurance that their teeth straightening treatment plan is in safe hands.

Registered dentists

All of our dentists carry professional dental qualifications and are registered with the relevant dental bodies in the industry. This means that, in offering our services, we abide by strict regulations and excellent practice methods.

Modern technologies

Modern technologies in orthodontics have opened up the way patients receive treatment and made what we do possible. In our treatment offering, we depend on three main mechanisms to help us achieve the desired results: digital scanning techniques, 3D modelling and the use of dental monitoring apps. The seamless workings of these processes make it possible to keep appointments to a minimum.

Remote monitoring

While we may not insist on frequent face-to-face appointments, this in no way means an out-of-sight-out-of-mind situation. We remain closely involved in your treatment progress through remote monitoring. For this to work, we will scan your teeth each week using the forward-thinking Dental Monitoring app, which will help us monitor your treatment and track your progress.

Why use Invisalign?

Many patients may not know this but Invisalign aligners differ from other types of aligners in the way that they are made. Invisalign aligners offer a more custom, contoured fit as they are completely machine-made (as opposed to being hand finished) for each patient. What patients receive is a more comfortable fit around the gum line.

Invisalign aligners also give patients more control over their treatment plans. It is up to patients to stick to their aligner change schedule as provided by our dentist.

For amazing results that you can track in real-time, the right choice is Invisalign aligners from Clear Braces Direct. Find out more about our seamless process by giving us a call today.

How Clear Braces Direct can help you

Straightening teeth offers many perks, some of which are visually obvious like the confidence-boosting effect of a beautiful, straight smile. Then there are those advantages, while incredibly beneficial, that need a bit more clarifying. These perks stem from what it means to achieve a healthier and cleaner mouth by straightening teeth through orthodontic solutions like Clear Braces Direct London.


Improving teeth alignment has a profound impact on the patient that goes far and beyond the cosmetic changes that are achieved. In many instances, Clear Braces Direct London can help improve dental functions, making biting and chewing easier thus earning a plus point for better digestion and nutrient absorption.

One of the challenges that many adult patients who are interested in straightening their teeth face is having their lifestyles interrupted by an orthodontic treatment plan. For patients who don’t necessarily have the time to schedule numerous appointments at a dental clinic, we, at Clear Braces Direct, have made available Clear Braces Direct London to offer a more convenient way to straighten teeth and create an aligned and happier smile. What are some of the other benefits that we offer? We take a look at some of the reasons why patients might consider opting for our orthodontic services.

The Clear Braces Direct difference

We are a UK registered dental practice

It is of the utmost importance that patients choose a professionally qualified person who is affiliated with dental authority organisations in the UK. This is to ensure that they receive good quality care at the highest safety standards. We make accessing orthodontic solutions more convenient will always abide by excellent standards.

We have oodles of experience

Very few factors can provide the same level of assurance as experience, and, in terms of experience, we have that in abundance. Our successful cases, using clear braces treatment plans, total almost 6000, earning us an enviable Diamond Invisalign Providers distinction. This is the highest tier recognised by the manufacturers of Invisalign Align technology.

We concentrate on Invisalign

We specifically use Invisalign to straighten our patients’ teeth as we believe this plays to our advantage; we build on our knowledge of how to use this aligner technology in a myriad of patient situations. Invisalign has established itself as a leading orthodontic brand that has successfully transformed millions of smiles around the globe and is quickly becoming the go-to choice for patients.

We free up patients’ time

With each passing day, time becomes more of a scarce commodity as lifestyles get busier and more complex. Seeking to straighten teeth need not be an additional drain on time, and, with our services, even busy patients can now get their teeth straightened without worrying about appointment schedules. We make use of the Daily Monitoring app, available on smart mobile devices, to track our patients’ treatment progress, provide guidance and communicate any other needs. Another great reason to choose Clear Braces Direct is that we offer interest-free finance facilities. Maximising your smile potential just got a lot easier and simpler. Find out more by getting in touch with us today.