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You made your smile beautiful.
Keep it that way with Vivera Nighttime Retainers.


What makes vivera nighttime retainers different?

Retain your smile with Clear Braces Direct

3 sets of Vivera Nighttime Retainers

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Fixed Retainers

Fixed Invisalign Retainer

This is a thin wire attached to the back of your front 6 teeth, from canine tooth to canine tooth.

The wire is not visible and hardly noticeable. Within a few days, you'll be used to it.

After your last Invisalign aligner is removed the wire will be bonded straight away.

The advantage with this Invisalign retainer is you don't have to remember to put it in. You can go about your daily business knowing your teeth are fixed and won't move.

However, it can be tricky to clean. You'll have to replace flossing with interdental brushes and need more regular hygienist appointments to stop tartar build up.

It also only fixes the front 6 teeth, so if your Invisalign treatment has moved teeth further back there's still a chance these can relapse.

Get your fixed retainer

£250 for one arch, £350 for both.


If you stop wearing your retainers and your teeth become misaligned over time, as long as you are within 4 years of having completed your treatment, the Rescue Package provides you with a refinement of upto 14 Aligners which can be ordered to reposition the teeth (a new 3D scan would be required)

Only £1995 for Rescue Package (including Retainers). Includes 14 aligners.

Refinement aligners available.

Only applies to CBD and CSDC patients.

Please be advised that a new scanning fee of £150 is applicable for Invisalign Rescue treatment consultations. This fee will be utilized towards the total cost of the Invisalign treatment if the client decides to proceed with it. However, please note that the scanning fee is non-refundable in case the client chooses not to undergo the Invisalign treatment after the consultation.

*This offer is not eligible for financing.

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