Who are Clear Braces Direct London?

We are an Invisalign Diamond Provider which means that we partner with Invisalign and offer our patients every treatment they’ve ever invented for maximum results time and time again. This is all that we do, our dentists are not distracted by other patients who need root canals or implants, all we do is focus on orthodontics and Invisalign because it is the best, most discreet option for all patients that want results quickly and with over 5000 successful cases and counting, all you need ask is how Clear Braces Direct London can help you?


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to treat just about any orthodontic issue, it offers a comprehensive treatment plan directly through Clear Braces Direct London which means that you are getting first-hand knowledge of the system through years of wide orthodontic experience from our dentists.

What can we fix?

There is a list of orthodontic issues that Invisalign can fix:

Gapped teeth – whether there are gaps in your top or bottom arches or both, this often occurs when the teeth are too small for the dental arch and grow with spaces between this. This is most commonly found in the front teeth and Invisalign can be used to reposition all the teeth so that they fit snugly next to one another without any gaps.

Overcrowded teeth – overcrowding occurs when the dental arch is too small to fit all the teeth next to one another, in this case, our highly trained and experienced dentists will be able to file tiny gaps between the teeth to remove very small parts of the enamel away so that the teeth can be gently pushed into place by the clear aligner and fit neatly next to one another.

Malocclusions – a malocclusion is a problem with the bite, this can be overbite or underbites. Crossbites or open bites, by using special hooks and buttons on the teeth (Completely unnoticeable) our dentists are able to position the clear aligners in such a way that they pull your jaw into the correct position.

What can’t we fix?

While Invisalign can help the majority of orthodontic cases, there are some which may need traditional braces first before moving onto clear aligners:

Skew tooth – if a tooth has grown out facing the wrong way, it may be impossible for Invisalign to turn it in its position, this will first need to be done with brackets and wires before moving onto Invisalign for the rest of the teeth.

Supernumerary teeth – adults should not have more than 32 permanent teeth, but in some cases, people may grow extra teeth behind or in front of their permanent teeth or even in the pallet. Invisalign cannot pull these teeth into position as they do not fit in the dental arch nor can it successfully correct the other teeth as there is no space to shift them. Patients with this issue may need extractions before orthodontics care is administered at Clear Braces Direct London.