Aligner Chewies



When you wear aligner for the first time or you switch to a new one, the aligner trays may not fit in your mouth tightly. This is when the chewies come to the rescue.

  • Always hold the chewies with clean hands only.
  • Place the aligners in the mouth.
  • Now, position the chewie between your opposite teeth arches and the aligner.
  • Bite down the Chewie to fit your aligners.
  • You need to quickly chew the Chewie from one end to another inside your mouth.
  • Keep repeating the process for 2-3 minutes.
  • You should use chewies in initial days when you wear aligners for the first time or you switch to a new set.


Made of silicone, they’re hygienic and safe to use. To clean chewies use a mild soap and wash it with normal clean water.



Aligner chewies are used to fit the aligners over teeth and to close any air gaps between aligners and your teeth.

Cleaner, simpler, and safer to use. Green mint-scented.

Contains 2 chewies in a sealed bag.