Retainer for Life Program

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We strongly recommend you sign up to our 'Retainer For Life Program'.

For only £6.99 a month you can have the peace of mind of knowing that if you lose or break your retainer you can claim another upper and lower retainer every 12 months.

You are not alone!

We will also monitor you every 6 months. By using your scan box and uploading a photo every 6 months we can ensure your retention is on track.

Without Insurance - Replacement retainers available at an additional cost of £125 for the upper and £125 for the lower retainer.


£6.99 per month = 1 upper retainer + 1 lower retainer replaced every 12 months

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Free UK and international delivery

Smile Guarantee £29.99 per month -
Things happen!

If you stop wearing your retainers and your teeth become misaligned overtime, the Smile Guarantee provides you a refinement of up to 14 aligners which can be ordered to reposition the teeth (a new 3D scan would be required - new retainers included)

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