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Book FREE Invisalign Scan!

Upload your smile selfies for evaluation and book your FREE Invisalign scan.

Our experienced dentists use high-tech, innovative 3D dental scanners without the need for moulds.

Receive a bonus FREE Comprehensive Dental Health Assessment (worth £150)

If you are not suitable for Invisalign Direct to Patient option, do not panic. You'll be offered a FREE in-house consultation with our experienced dentists who can guide you with alternative more comprehensive solutions.

Step 2

Start Invisalign Smile Journey!

Within 72 hours you will receive your Comprehensive Dental Health Assessment report.

If you are suitable for the Invisalign Direct service, then Invisalign will email your 3D images for you to review and approve.

On approval you will be sent an online consent form and payment link (£1599). Once received by Clear Braces Direct, your braces will be ordered and delivered direct to you.

Each set of braces are crafted specifically for you to gently ease teeth into super-straight alignment over the course of the treatment.

The gradual journey to a perfect smile begins!

We include whitening gel to finish the look!

Clear Braces Direct Monitoring App

We track your progress using the latest technology saving you any unnecessary appointments.

This app allows you to capture your treatment progress, communicate with us and receive ongoing instructions and support.

Download The App

Step 3

Retain New Invisalign Smile!

Once you've completed your smile journey, you can purchase retainers for £70 each to maintain that beautiful smile.

Protect your Investment!

We strongly recommend you sign up to our 'Retainer For Life Program'.

For only £5.99 a month you can have the peace of mind of knowing that if you lose or break your retainer you can claim another upper and lower retainer every 12 months.

You are not alone!

We will also monitor you every 6 months. By using your scan box and uploading a photo every 6 months we can ensure your retention is on track.

Without Insurance - Replacement retainers available at an additional cost of £95 for the upper and £95 for the lower retainer.

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  1. Book FREE Invisalign Scan!
  2. Start Invisalign Smile Journey!
  3. Retain New Invisalign Smile!
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